Students & Research Projects


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Ph.D Students:

bulletMausumi Acharyya. (Thesis title: On textured image analysis using wavelets), ISI, 2003.
bulletSanti Prasad Maity. (Thesis title: Studies on data hiding in digital media for secured communication, authentication and content integrity), BESU, 2007
bulletMinakshi Banerjee.  (Thesis title: On feature extraction and its application to content based image retrieval ) J.U. 2008
bulletSudeb Das. (Thesis title: On Medical image processing, analysis, retrieval and security Management) C.U. 2015
bulletManish Chowdhury. (Thesis title: On Content Based image Retrieval and  its applications) C.U 2016
bulletBhaskar Dey. (Thesis title: On analysis of compressed visual information and its applications)  C.U 2017
bulletSoumyadip Dhar (Thesis title:  On Management of Uncertainty in Different stages of Image Analysis and Processing) C.U
bulletJaydeb Mondal. (Thesis title:  On Video Content Processing & Analysis) C.U



M.Tech(Comp. Sci.) Students worked for dissertation:

bulletShaji Cherian.
bulletMandava Venkateswara Rao.
bulletNeeraj Bhusan Bhai.
bulletB. V. R. Krishna Mohan.
bulletBonny Kurian Eappen.
bulletRitabari Roychowdhury.
bulletGoutam K. Ghosh.
bulletSatyajit Roy.
bulletDebarati Mukhopadhyay.
bulletP. Harish.
bulletDevendra Singh.
bulletSuchismita Nandi.
bulletSabyasachi Dey.
bulletPartha Bhowmik.
bulletAnirvan Basu.
bulletAmey S. Joshi.
bulletV. Padmaja.
bulletHalbe Devdatta R.
bulletPiyush Kanti Bhunre.
bulletSajib Akuli.
bulletChampak Kumar Dutta.
bulletManas Chatterjee.
bulletK. Srinivasa Rao.
bulletM. Srinivas.


        Externally  Sponsored  Projects



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bullet  Co-principal investigator of a nationally important and prestigious research Center (project funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) titled Center for Soft Computing Research: A National Facility at Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata.



bulletPrincipal investigator of an international collaborative research project between  Intel Corporation, CA., U.S.A and I.S.I, KolKata, India titled New Techniques of Fast Image Compression Based On Human Vision System and Geometric Data Structure (completed in 2004).



bulletDeputy Principal investigator of a C.S.I.R., Govt. of India  sponsored project titled Cancer Management in Soft Computing Paradigm (A three year project completed in 2000).


bullet  Deputy Principal investigator of a C.S.I.R., Govt. of India sponsored project titled  A Neuro Fuzzy Image Recognition System: Methodology Development for Forensic Application ( A three year project completed in 1997) .


bulletDeputy principal investigator of a DEAL, Dehradun, DRDO, Govt. of India sponsored project titled  Development of Software Package --Handling Uncertainties for   Machine Interpretation of Ill Defined Structures Present In Gray Level Images (A two year project completed in 1996).


bulletHe was the  Co-ordinator of the project titled Application of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Techniques for Geological Mapping and Mineral Detection  funded by the Department of Electronics; Govt. of India ( A three year project completed in 1987).

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