Text Box: Summer School and Workshop on

Mathematical Modeling of Patterns and Diffusion Processes in Biology, 
June 18-22, 2012

Organized by

Bayesian and Interdisciplinary Research Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute

Understanding biological patterns, diffusion, growth through modeling are very interesting and frequently encountered research problems by biologists, mathematicians, statisticians and physicists. Techniques from Algebra, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Probability, Statistics, etc, play key role in modeling and analysis. The range of applications involve but not restricted to, infectious diseases, medical imaging, ecological webs, patterns in epidemic growth, biophysical phenomena, protein and cell structure, etc. The aim of this summer school and workshop is to provide training to PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers, Young Faculty working on mathematical modeling of various biological phenomena. Workshop could also be a platform to share the latest developments in the field.


PhD Students, Postdoctoral Researchers and Young Faculty in India interested in mathematical modeling of biological systems with a background in at least one of the following subjects: biology, mathematics, statistics and physics at postgraduate level are encouraged to apply.


Students with biology related background with good skills in advanced calculus and interest in modeling and students with mathematics related background with strong interest in learning modeling biological process would fit very well into this summer school.


We aim to make this event lively for the participants in terms of training provided and quality of research discussions. Program is represented by researchers who are i) adopting models for solving specific biological questions; ii) developing models; iii) analyzing models and algorithms related to theme; iv) faculty involved in biomathematics teaching.


Main topics covered in the program are


Biofluid mechanics

Complex Dynamics


Infectious Diseases

Network synchronization


Spatial patterns


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