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SHA3 will be the standard of hash function.  NIST selected 51 entries for the Round 1 and 14 of them advanced to Round 2. The 5 finalist will be declared by end of 2010. For detail timeline of SHA3 please visit NIST official page.

Here is a list of my contribution to it.

 1. Fixed points for SHAvite hash function: link
 2. JH-indifferentiable security analysis. paper
 3. Indifferentiable secuirty analysis of a general class of hash functions which includes some of the SHA3 candidates. paper

Some useful links to get more informations about SHA3:
SHA3 Zoo
Skein-page for engineering comparison.
Wiki page

To get more comments and results on SHA3 one may subsribe to hash-forum orgainzed by NIST.

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