Cryptology, 2021

M. Tech. (Cryptology & Security and Computer Science), II semester

Instructors: Mridul Nandi <>

Time and location: Wed-Fri 2:30pm.-4.30pm, over Zoom (contact instructors for meeting ID)


This course gives a comprehensive introduction to some basic topics in cryptology.

Topics (tentative): Perfect and computational secrecy, Pseudorandom Bit Generator and Stream Cipher. Block Cipher and Some Encryption Modes. Hash Functions. ESA and DL-based Encryption. Message authentication (MAC) and digital signatures.

Required background: Familiarity with discrete probability (see Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Processes by Kyle Siegrist), discrete mathematics, algebra and number theory (see A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra by V. Shoup).


Although there is no mandatory textbook, the topics discussed in this course are largely based on the following list of references:

This list is dynamic. So, keep looking regularly for any updates.

Lecture schedule along with supporting notes and references will be posted here (in an online manner). Any homeworks and/or assignments based on the topics till date will be posted alongside the lecture. For the time being, lecture slides will be shared privately.

Week Content Notes and References Homework/Assignment
  • Shannon's Encryption
See chapter 2 of (B1).
  • (Pseudo) Perfect Secrecy
See chapter 2-3 of (B1).
  • XXX
See chapter XXX (B1).