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Applied Staistics Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute
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Voting has three important security requirements.
    #  Privacy: Voter's vote should not be revealed to anybody  (even to the Vote-organizer!)
    #  Integrity or Correctness: The result announced by the organizer should be correct.  (think that x1,... xN are secret modulo the information x1+...+ xN is public.)
    #  Incoercibility: Nobody can buy a vote or forced to voter to vote.
    #  Small capacity of covert channel: It is related to privacy. More precisely it corresponds to trapdoor privacy. Who (not necessarily election officials) knows some secret information knows vote.

It seems extremely hard to achieve all these above requirements. However in some model (i.e. with some underlying assumptions such as trusting pooling officers) it could be achieved.  Here are some known voting schemes (not exhaustive):

  - Prêt à Voter
  - PunchScan
  - Scantegrity
  - Threeballot
  - ...

I am currently analyzing some existing voting protocols and propose a new voting scheme having an interesting features which is not present to all previous schemes.

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