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Mentor Committee for the MTech(CS) programme

A group of students entering the MTech(CS) programme in a particular year is treated as a batch. The Mentor Committee for each batch of students is announced at the time of their admission and remains valid till all the students in that batch leave the programme. This Committee advises the students on their choice of courses (including opting for a course more than once even after passing it), specialisations, and any other academic issue. Students should approach the Mentor Committee if they face any problem.

The Chairperson of the committee acts as the Class Teacher of the students in a particular batch. All communications on academic matters with other authorities or statutory bodies of the institute by a student should be routed through the Class Teacher. The choice of courses in a semester by a student needs to be approved by the members of the Mentor Committee. The students are required to submit the final course choice list to the Dean's office, signed by the members of the Mentor Committee for her/his batch, within two weeks from the start of the semester.

Email address: (reaches members of all active mentor committees)

This address is only meant for use by students currently enrolled in the MTech(CS) programme. Queries unrelated to the role of the Mentor Committee will be ignored.

MTCS students' brochure

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