An International Conference on "Multivariate Statistical Methods in the 21st Century: The Legacy of Prof. S.N. Roy" will be held at Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (Government of India ), Kolkata, India , during December 28-29, 2006 , in celebration of the birth centenary of Prof. S.N. Roy. Prof. Roy, independently as well as in collaboration with such luminaries as Profs. P.C. Mahalanobis and R.C. Bose, has made pioneering and seminal contributions to many areas of statistics, including those in multivariate analysis, e.g. analysis of contingency tables, distributions of eigen values and eigen vectors, growth-curve analysis, p-statistics, union-intersection tests, etc. This conference will also launch the series of year-long international conferences being arranged to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Indian Statistical Institute. A number of distinguished statisticians, including Prof. C.R. Rao, National Professor of India , FRS & Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA , are expected to participate in this conference. Other researchers from about 25 different countries have conveyed their plans for participation. The registration fees have been kept low: $60 without accommodation and $120 - $150 with modest accommodation (for the three nights, Dec. 27-29). A limited number of contributed papers may be presented, the deadline for receiving abstracts of which is October 31, 2006 . The Conference will be preceded by a Workshop on Multivariate Statistical Methods with Recently Emerging Applications during December 23-27, 2006 , at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. This Workshop will consist of lectures, by internationally acclaimed researchers, focusing on emerging topics in multivariate methods and is aimed at junior faculty and research scholars. Application for the Workshop, duly forwarded and including the bio-data with a brief note on the motivation for attending it, should be sent by November 7, 2006 to: We invite you to join us in this S.N. Roy-fest in his academic home town of Kolkata .