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  Durga Prasad Muni
  Senior Research Fellow
 Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit
  Indian Statistical Institute
  203, B.T. Road
  Calcutta - 700108
  Phone: 91-33-25752901,25752910,25754070
  E-mail: muni_r a_t, dpmuni a_t

  Research Interests:     Pattern Recognition
                                    Evolutionary Computation
                                    Genetic Programming
                                    Texture Analysis

 Education:      Bachelor of  Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.), Utkal University (1997).
                        Master of Engineering (Electronics and Communication Engg.), NIT, Rourkela (2000).


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  2. Durga Prasad Muni, Nikhil R. Pal and J. Das, `` Genetic Programming for Simultaneous feature Selection and Classifier Design ", IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics-B, No. 1, Vol. 36. (Abstract)
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  6. P. K Nanda, D.P. Muni and P. Kanungo, ``Paralleized Crowding Scheme Using a New Interconnection Model", Advances in Soft Computing - AFSS 2002, LNAI 2275, Springer, pp 436 - 443.

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