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P.C.Mahalnobis Memorial Museum & Archives of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata is going to organize two day International seminar on "Museums: an expression of national identity with special focus on biographical museum" on 28th & 29th March, 2016.

Museums: an expression of national identity with special focus on biographical museum on 28th & 29th March, 2016

Concept note:

Museums were the outcome of man's inborn nature of collecting things, displaying those to others, demanding appreciation and reputation by possessing attractive, appealing, exotic, or priceless things.

We are currently living in a period in which the new identity formations are being created. The chief and central objective of museums is to collect, preserve and communicate our heritage, either man-made or the result of natural phenomena, that can be united in a consistent manner, and which by its study may provide with a better understanding of the endeavours of our precursors and the progress of the world. The collections in a museum are the bridge between the past and present attributing value to tangible remains bequeathed by our ancestors. Museums faithfully protect them. Apart from the 'in situ heritage', such museum collections now put together the major part of the heritage of any society.

History plays a major role in the formation of nations. Biographical museums, as they emerged during the long twentieth century, are pivotal sites for the display of national heritage and identity. The biographical museum as an institution cultivates in its visitors pride for the country and "lay a foundation for national consciousness." The biographical museum's vast task - to represent visually the history of the person concerned - is qualified the historical museum as a national institution. The museum is "national" in another sense, too: it comes to occupy a major place in nation's identity and culture.

Today the biographical museums return to assume the role in society that was well articulated but never realized by its progenitor: to serve as an anchor of national identity, a link between the present and the past, and a monument to a revived national tradition.

The followings are the subthemes of the conference.

  • Museums as expression of national identity
  • The role of museums in promoting national integration
  • Concept, emergence and development of biographical museums throughout the world
  • Biographical museum - modern techniques of exhibition and interpretation
  • Case studies
  • Museum and archival heritage and national identity
  • Biographical museums and archives are treasure troves that contain the collective memory of the nation

Call for papers:

Papers in English are invited on theme and related subthemes of the seminar. Papers should be sent by email. Last date of receipt for abstracts along with registration form is January 22, 2016 and full papers should be sent latest by February 8, 2016.

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