A Course on Research Methodology
Palash Sarkar
Applied Statistics Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203, B.T. Road,
Kolkata 700108,
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Below are the links to some of the talks that I gave as part of a course on research methodology during January to April, 2011. The introduction gives the context in which the course was offered.

The presentation material does not capture the entire discussion that was carried out during the course. It only provides a skeletal view of the material that has been covered. For most lectures, the slides were augmented by oral explanations and examples.

The context and the first lecture. The later lectures are divided into two sections -- a discussion on general issues and a brief introduction to the history and philosophy of science. Contents of the lectures have not been carefully proof-checked and are not necessarily in their final form.

General Discussions
Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science
  • Lecture 2 (Motivation and Background)
  • Lecture 3 (Time/Effort Management; and Role of a Supervisor)
  • Lecture 4 (Finding and Solving Research Problems)
  • Lecture 5 (Scientific Writing -- I)
  • Lecture 6 (Scientific Writing -- II)
  • Lecture 7 (Publishing a Paper; Reviewing a Paper)
  • Lecture 8 (Scientific Norms and Conventions; Collaborative Work)
  • Lecture 9 (Miscellaneous Topics)

  Guest Lectures

  1. `On the Role of Intuition in Research' by Professor Bimal Kumar Roy.
  2. `On the Role of Abstraction in Mathematics' by Professor Rana Barua.
  3. `Life in Software Industry vs. Life in Academics' by Dr. Sibsankar Haldar.
  4. `Some Tips for Preparing a Good Technical Presentation' by Dr. Ashish Choudhury.
  5. `Formulating and Solving Applied Problems Based on Data' by Professor Anup Dewanji.
  6. `History of Boolean Functions Research at ISI', by Professor Subhamoy Maitra.
  7. `Empirical Research: Working with Data', by Dr. Mandar Mitra.
  8. `On Mathematical Abstractions in Interdisciplinary Research', by Professor Bhargab B. Bhattacharya.