Physics & Applied Mathematics Unit
Welcome to PAMU, ISI
Welcome to PAMU, ISI
  • Graduate Courses:
  • For successful completion of the Ph.D. Course work, all the Ph.D. students of this Unit have to opt for 5 courses.
    • Compulsory courses:
      A. Computer Applications and Statistical Methods
      B. Research Methodology
      C. In addition, they have to do one review work on any of the research areas of PAMU, as a part of Course (B).
    • Elective courses (any three from the list):
      • Course I: Mathematical Methods and Classical Mechanics
      • Course II: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
      • Course III: Electrodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
      • Course IV : Fluid Mechanics
      • Course V: Advanced Numerical Techniques
      • Course VI: Quantum Field Theory
      • Course VII: Particle Physics
      • Course VIII : General Relativity and Cosmology
      • Course IX : Condensed Matter Physics
      • Course X : Nonlinear Dynamics
      • Course XI : Quantum Information Theory
    Syllabus for the Ph.D. course work can be downloaded HERE
  • Master Courses:
  • The Unit offers a one semester Elective Course on 'Topics in Mathematical Physics' as a part of M.Stat. courses.
    Syllabus of 'Topics in Mathematical Physics' for the M.Stat course can be downloaded HERE
  • Undergraduate Courses:
  • The Unit offers a 3-semester Elective Course on Theoretical Physics as a part of B.Stat. courses.
    • Course I: Physics-I
      (i) Classical Mechanics
      (ii) Electromagnetic Theory I
    • Course II: Physics-II
      (i) Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
      (ii) Electromagnetic Theory II
    • Course III: Physics-III
      Special Theory of Relativity
      Quantum Mechanics
    Syllabus of Physics for the BStat course can be downloaded HERE
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