Research Scholars/Ph.D Students

  1. Sankar Mondal: Research Fellow, ISI

  2. Debamita Kumar: Research Fellow, ISI

  3. Aparajita Khan: Research Fellow, ISI

  4. Suman Mahapatra: Research Fellow, CSIR

  5. Ekta Shah: Research Fellow, ISI

  6. Ankita Mandal: Research Fellow, ISI

  7. Shaswati Roy: Research Fellow, DST-INSPIRE

Graduated Ph.D Students

  1. Dr. Partha Garai (2017)
    Thesis Title: Development of Some Scalable Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Real Life Data Analysis
    Degree/University: Ph.D (Computer Science), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

  2. Dr. Abhirup Banerjee (2017)
    Thesis Title: Rough Sets and Probabilistic Models for Segmentation and Bias Field Correction in Brain MR Images
    Degree/University: Ph.D (Computer Science), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

  3. Dr. Nazma Naskar (2016)
    Thesis Title: Characterization and Synthesis of Non-Uniform Cellular Automata with Point State Attractors
    Degree/University: Ph.D (Engineering), Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

  4. Dr. Sushmita Paul (2014)
    Thesis Title: Rough Sets for Analysis of Coding and Non-Coding RNA Expression Data
    Degree/University: Ph.D (Science), University of Calcutta, West Bengal

  5. Dr. Chandra Das (2011)
    Thesis Title: Classification and Feature Selection Algorithms for DNA Sequence, Protein Sequence and Gene Expression Data
    Degree/University: Ph.D (Engineering), Jadavpur University, West Bengal

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