Psychology research Unit


Seventy Third Annual Report

(April 2004 – March 2005)




Visiting Scientist

Scientific Assignment

The faculty members and scientific workers of the Unit are actively involved in research and different project works. Guidance is also being provided by the faculty members to three Senior Research Fellows for their Ph.D. works in Psychology in different State Universities


A Study of Organizational health and job satisfaction in rural banks from

psychological perspective : In studying organizational health of rural bank, usually attention was paid to financial parameters ignoring bank as socio-technical system. Current study defined organizational health from psychological perspective and explored several parameters to assess physical, mental, social and spiritual health of organization. Results revealed relative importance of different Organizational health predictors in predicting different levels of job satisfaction of employees in the regional rural, commercial and cooperative banks in the rural areas.

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer, Sushmita Mukhopadhyay, Senior Research Fellow

3.2 A study on short term memory assessment under successive decrease in stimulus presentation time using computer aided digit span test : In advertising, criminal investigation specially related to vehicle accident, and researches on information, education and communication, one major problem is to understand how much minimum time is required to retain a set of stimulus in the short term memory store. No study has been conducted on this issue. In this study, one computer aided digit span test was developed to determine short term memory span and minimum duration for storage (MDS). Results revealed that age, extraversion and neuroticism moderate the relationship between short term memory span and MDS.

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer, Manjishtha Maitra, Senior Research Fellow

3.3 Team effectiveness in work settings : The objective of the study is to find out the importance of relevant psychological factors in teamwork and to know their impact on the efficiency of the team. Individual level and group level variables have been taken into consideration to have an understanding of their impact on team efficiency. Data are being collected from different IT companies located at different parts of India.

Anjali Ghosh - Associate Professor ,

Monika Sharma - Senior Research Fellow

3.4 Social Axioms and individualism-collectivism : Social Axioms are general beliefs about material, personal, social and spiritual reality that is held by a person and are likely to relate to a wide range of social behaviours across different contexts. In this study the pattern of relationship between different dimensions of social axioms and individualistic-collectivist orientations was studied in college students coming from different regions of India. Findings showed that students with high individualistic orientations were found to reflect high social cynicism and reward for application. Significant effect of gender and culture was also observed on different dimensions of social axioms.

Anjali Ghosh - Associate Professor

3.5 Analysis of drawing of tribal children : In analysis of drawing of the children, usually attention was paid to bounded drawing (draw a fixed object or person) resulting gap of knowledge about one’s preference to draw and associated feelings. Current study developed a new methodology to assess unbounded mode of drawing. Three layers of Consciousness – outer, inner and innermost core were assessed through this new scoring procedure. Data were collected from the children rearing remote villages of Tripura. Results revealed emotional disturbances among the tribal children. Their outer layer of consciousness was more organized than the inner and innermost cores. Findings are important for psychological counseling to the children in primary education.

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer

3.6 Training-impact study : Training impact on workers’ knowledge and attitude to training and company performance were examined. Training was imparted by the education officers of Central Board for Workers Education of the Ministry of Labour to the workers of a Jute mill. Results revealed significant change in different objective parameters (productivity, wastage control, accident, absenteeism etc.) and the subjective parameters (Achievement scores in several areas of knowledge in jute manufacturing process) between before and during the training programme. Report writing is over.

Anjali Ghosh, Associate Professor,

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer

Rumki Gupta, Associate Scientist

3.7 Clustering state anxiety scores : There is much controversy about anxiety susceptible months in the Antarctica due to rapid fluctuation of environmental and psychological stress inducing conditions. Current study examined this issue by clustering State anxiety scores across twelve months of Antarctic expedition using complete linkage cluster analysis. Dendogram revealed two clusters named as isolation experience and adaptive experience. Results are important for psychological counselling to the Antarctic expeditioners.

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer

3.8 Socialization and Cognitive-moral development of Children across cultures : The purpose of the study was to find out the relationship between cultural dimensions, parental socialization and cognitive moral development of children across different cultures. Data were collected from school children at two different stages of development and from two different cultural settings. One of the parents of the children were also interviewed. Results of the study revealed that both culture and developmental changes have significant effect on the moral development of children.

Anjali Ghosh - Associate Professor

3.9 A study on Preferences to Different Reading and Writing motives of Tribal Children in Primary Education of Tripura and Manipur : Questionnaires were translated into different local tribal languages of Tripura and Manipur. Item validity was made in the different workshops conducted in both states with the primary school teachers and education officers. In the workshops, participants were trained how to teach and manage the students for development of more reading and writing motivation.

D. Dutta Roy, Senior Lecturer. Rumki Gupta, Associate Scientist

3.10 External Evaluation of State Resource Centre, Patna (ADRI) Bihar : External evaluation of State Resource Centre (SRC)-ADRI-Bihar was done with respect to eight components : training, materials, outreach/extension activities, innovative programmes, research and evaluation, networking, management and administration and finance. In-depth studies of the different components indicate that the S.R.C. has excelled in building up the optimum environment through several innovative programmes, by preparing materials, organizing training programmes and networking in implementing literacy programme in several districts of Bihar.

Anjali Ghosh - Project Leader

Atis Dasgupta, Ajoy Kumar Ghosh & Dipankar Sen of Sociological Research Unit.

Prasanta Kumar Majumdar and Shankar Dihidar of Population Studies Unit.




    1. Internally funded Plan projects
    2. 4.1.1 a) Name of the Project : Socialization and Cognitive moral development of

      children across cultures.

      b) Name of the project leader : Anjali Ghosh

      c) Unit / Division involved : Psychology Research Unit

      d) Status : Completed on 31.3.2005

      4.1.2 a) Name of the project : A Study on Preferences to different reading

      and writing motives of tribal children in Primary education of Tripura and Manipur

      b) Name of the principal investigator : D. Dutta Roy

      c) Unit involved : Psychology Research Unit

      d) Status : On-going

    3. Externally funded project

4.2.1 a) Name of the project : External evaluation of State Resource

Centre-Patna (ADRI), Bihar.

b) Account number of the project : 205

c) Name of the Project leader : Anjali Ghosh

d) Unit / divisions involved : Psychology Research Unit,

Sociological Research Unit & Population Studies Unit.

e) Funded by : Directorate of Adult Education, Ministry of Human

Resource Development, Government of India.

f) Status : Completed on 31.03.2005.






Period of visit

Purpose of visit

Bernroider, Gustav



Bhattacharya, Somenath



Dasgupta, Ananda



Grandpierre, Attila



Sharma Subhas

Professor,University of

Salzberg, Austria


Retd. Professor, Department of Pure Psychology, University of Calcutta


Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bengalore



KonKoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Director , Indian Institute of Plantation Management , Bengalore .




September 21, 2004




January 13, 2005




July 12, 2004



December 30,2004

To deliver a talk on "Brain and Cognition"


To deliver a talk on "Psychoanalysis : Its relevance today"



To deliver a talk on "Mental and Physical Health Aspects of the Tea Plantation Workers in India.


To deliver a lecture on " Mind –body Problem and Brain Functions ’’.


To deliver a talk on "HR Problems in Plantation Insdustry.







    1. Scientific Assignments / Academic visits abroad.
      1. Ghosh, Anjali visited Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China from 2-6 August,

      2004 for presenting an invited paper in a Symposium "The functioning of Social axioms in various nations" at the 17th International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. She also visited Beijing International Convention Centre, and School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, during 7-16 August, 2004 for presenting papers and collaborative work.

    2. Scientific assignment / Academic visits in India
      1. Dutta Roy, D. was invited to give lecture (i) in the Department of the Business
      2. Administration, Annamalai University, Channai on January 7, 2005 on "Research Methodology in Organizational Psychology. (ii) was co-chair in the 2nd International Seminar on Integral Yoga Psychology and 6th National Conference on Integral Education, (iii) invited to give lecture on Application of Statistics in Research in Academy of Staff College, Pondicherry University on January 10, 2005, (iv) invited to give lecture on Organizational Behaviour in Trade Union Activities in the Central Board of Workers Education, Kolkata on January 29, 2005, (v) invited to give lecture on Autism in ‘STEP-ONE’, a model school for Child Education during February 17, 2005 and (vi) invited to give lecture on Organizational Behaviour; Analysis and Approach and Workers’ participation in Management during February, 23-24, 2005 in the Training Institute of the Holdia Dock Complex.

      3. Ghosh, Anjali (i) visited Department of Psychology, Utkal University,
      4. Bhubaneswar and (ii) L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga during April, 2004 as an external expert, delivered lectures (iii) at the Asiatic Society, Kolkata on 22.6.2004, (iv) at Ramkrishna Mission Loksiksha Parishad, Motgoda on 15.09.2004, (v) visited North-East India Council of Social Science Research, Shillong during 13-14 December, 2004 and presented a paper in the seminar on "Changing power structure of Traditional tribal societies of North-East India with special reference to the role of women" and also (vi) visited Department of Psychology, Magadh University during 7-9 March, 2005 and presented a paper at the 9th International and 40th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.

      5. Gupta Rumki visited (i) North Bengal University, Jalpaiguri from 27-29
      6. September, 2004 and presented a paper at the Third West Bengal Social Science Congress, North Bengal University, Jalpaiguri, (ii) visited Cooch Behar College, Cooch Behar from 11-12 December, 2004 and presented a paper at the UGC National Seminar on Economy and Society of North Bengal : The Changing Scenario, Department of Economics, Cooch Behar College, Cooch Behar, (iii) Served as a session chair of the UGC National Seminar on Formulation of a proper model of development of North Bengal on December 12, 2004, Department of Economics, Cooch Behar College and (iv) visited Department of Psychology, Magadh University, Bodhgaya from 7-9 March, 2005 and presented a paper at the 9th International and 40th National Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Bodh Gaya.

      7. Sharma, Monika visited Department of Psychology, Magadh University
      8. during 7-9 March, 2005 and presented a paper at the 9th International and 40th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.

      9. Karmakar, Rita visited Department of Psychology, Magadh University

during 7-9 March, 2005 and presented a paper at the 9th International and 40th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.