KOLKATA - 700108

  1. Brain as Regulator of Mood and Talent, 13.2.2004, Dr. Sisir K. Majumdar
  2. Psychological Perspectives of Family Violence, 9.3.2004, Prof. Sukumar Bose
  3. Ingredients of Work Team Effectiveness, 11.3.2004, Prof. Amitava Chatterjee
  4. Understanding the nature of Individual at work, 10.3.2004, Prof. Amitava Chatterjee
  5. A profile of cognitive function in Focal Brain lesion Patients, 24.3.2004,Dr. Pritha Mukhopadhyay
  6. Consciousness- A transpersonal integral perspective, 26.3.2004, Dr. Soumitra Basu
  7. Psychoanalysis: Its Relevance Today, Professor Somnath Bhattacharyay, 21.9.04
  8. Some Aspects of Data Integration Techniques. Professor B.K. Sinha, 23.9.04
  9. Brain and Cognition, Prof. Gustav Bernroider, University of Salzburg, Austria.4.11.2004
  10. Mental and Physical Health Aspects of the Tea Plantation Workers in India, Dr. Ananda Das Gupta, India Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore 13.1.2004
  11. HR Problems in Plantation Industry,Dr.Subhas Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Plantation Management,Bangalore 30.12.2004
  12. Vector Valued Variable - measurement and application in personnel selection , efficiency of an organisation. Mr. S.N. Chakraborty,Director , India Institute of Port Management, Kolkata. 18.05.2005
  13. Hierarchical Classes Analysis in Applied Psychology Research . Warren A. Reich, Ph.D., The Family Center, New York, NY, and Rutgers -- The State University of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey,6.7.2005
  14. Effect of Video-game training on Cognition. Dr. Chandramallika Basak, Ph.D., Beckman Institute Fellow ,3.5.2006