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SPEAKER :Mr. S.N. Chakraborty,Director , India Institute of Port Management, Kolkata. of                              ’,
TITLE      :     Vector Valued Variable - measurement and application in personnel selection , efficiency of an organisation.
VENUE    :     Population Studies Unit, 5th Floor, Main Building.
DATE            May,18,Wednesday 2005
TIME       :     3:00 P.M.

Suitability of persons to a post is assessed through a battery of tests plus personality test, interview etc. Similarly efficiency of an organization assessed through a set of performance indicators both physical and financial. Frequently , we land into a situation where candidate ( or organization ) A is better than B with respect to one test ( or indicator)but reverse is true to another test ( or indicator ) but reverse is true for another test(or indicator ), Thus , it is precisely which candidate ( or organization ) is better considering all the tests ( or indicators ). Objective : To obtain a single index of performance of a candidate ( or an organization ) considering a number of test scores or indicators. Benefits : The single index of performance will help to Compare the candidates with respect to all variables. Compare Organizations Rank candidates ( organization ) in terms of overall performance ( or efficiency ) Problem of Methodology If it is agrred to furnish number of tests or indicators ( say n )to depict performance of a candidate ( organization ), thus suitability / overall performance / efficiency of an individual can be seen as a vector of dimension n X 1. Problem is to find a function 'f'from Rn to R keeping in mind that Test scores ( indicators ). may have different units Components of the vector may be independent or may have different degree of correlation. Various methods of obtaining such functions from Rn to R will be described. Properties of each method are to be discussed. To have comparison amongst the methods desired mathematical properties will be listed.Comparison among the method will be done with respect to chosen desired mathematical properties . An empirical exercise of the methods will be presented covering efficiency of all major ports of India.

All are cordially invited.
Anjali Ghosh.

Date: February 6, 2004.