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SPEAKER : Dr. Chandramallika Basak, Ph.D., Beckman Institute Fellow

TITLE : Effect of Video-game training on Cognition

VENUE : Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit, 8th Floor, Library Building.
DATE : May 3, Wednesday, 2006

TIME : 11:30 A.M.




A substantial body of literature suggests that the transfer of training is often fairly narrow, except for exercise training where improvement in both cognitive and brain structure is observed. Training on one task typically does not improve performance on another task unless the training task and the transfer task are identical or very similar.However, recent work suggests that video-game training can engender broad transfer and is capable of improving a number of visual and attentional skills. The current research seeks to extend these results by examining whether video game training can improve a variety of cognitive abilities including problem solving, task switching, focus switching, long-term and short-term memory, and processing speed in older adults. Currently, participants are either trained in a commercial integrative video game (training group) or not (control group). Participants are trained on "Rise of Nations", a complex real-time strategy video game that incorporates spatial memory, visual search and executive control. Cognitive abilities are assessed before, during and after the training. The current study will allow for the observation of effects of video game training on cognitive abilities of older adults as well as whether and how videogame training might influence brain structure.






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