Seminar Notice

Brain and Cognition

Speaker: Prof. Gustav Bernroider

University of Salzburg,


Date: Thursday, November 4, 2004.

Time: 12 noon.

Venue: PSU-Seminar Room

[5th Floor, Main Building]



The aim in science is to explain mentation (Erik Kandel). This puts one question at the center of attention, how do brain process relate to mind? Despite an uncountable amount of research, the question remains open. In principle this problem can be traced down to the key question, whether or not psychogenic causality (the influence of mind on the physics of the brain) exits. Correlations of brain states (e.g. metabolism in brain imaging techniques, cell recordings in animals) do not necessarily prove psychogenic causality. But from an epiphenomalists point of view the correlations imply only reportive states of the brain with mind as a side effect.

In the present talk I will argue that it needs a conceptual framework where phenomenology is compatible with physics, in order to allow one to show a relation between mind and brain states. Within this context of interactionism there seems to be one physical magnitude that critically constrains brain activities at all scales of resolution: energy!

I will discuss the question on how energy could be related to mental phenomena through the physical entity of information.

All are cordially invited


(Anjali Ghosh)

Psychology Research Unit