Ratan Lal Brahmachary

Professor Ratan Lal Brahmachary D.Sc. (Honoris Causa), Calcutta, former professor, Biology Division, ISI and a veteran on tiger research was born in Dacca in 1932. He joined ISI in 1957. Professor Brahmachary’s early education was in Calcutta, Dacca and Hamburg. Later on, he did his extensive research in Marine Biological Labs in Italy, France and other institutes in Europe.

Professor R L Brahmachary has investigated many fields of biology from molecular embryology of invertebrates to food habits of mountain Gorilla. Over 30 years his major emphasis has been on pheromones of tigers and other big cats. He was interested in Animal Behaviour long before the subject was introduced in this part of the world. He visited Africa 14 times to observe wildlife. He also has gained experience in the Amazon area and Borneo and in the Mediterranean and Andaman Islands.