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This Unit allows users to request copies of journal articles, conference proceedings or any document housed at Central Library and thesis, dissertation, project report etc. of students, research scholars and faculty. It charges a cost recovery fee to help defray the costs of providing this service. The Library’s photocopying services are offered in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act. Each user has to comply with the law. In case the library staff
suspects that the law is violated he can intervene and enquire about the extent of copying. All photocopies made in excess of the limits can be confiscated.

Photocopy service hours are:

Photocopy and Other Charges

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Mode of Payment

Necessary amount can be paid by:

Self Service Copier

One Self Service Copier is available in the Periodicals Unit at the 2nd Floor of
the Library for photocopying of articles within prevailing copyright rules of the

Photocopy service hours are:

Inquiries regarding Copy charges and schedules should be directed to the Unit by email or by telephone 0-33-2575-2107