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                  "The shortest path between two truths on the real line passes through the complex plane"-Jacques Hadamard

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(i)    To encourage collaborative research work and to inspire researchers from other fields to get themselves involved in doing research in the fast emerging field of Biomathematics. (ii)    To encourage and inspire young aspiring entry-level researchers so that they engage themselves to do research in the field of Mathematical Biology. (iii)    To offer Society’s platform for regular academic activities for the purpose of enriching the researchers in this field by way of endeavors summarized below:
  • Organization of Interactive Courses and Summer/Winter Schools.

  • Organization of Seminars/Workshops/Conferences.

  • Publication of Regular Scientific Journals.

  • Promoting exchange of scientific views at the National as well as International level.

  • Instituting “Young Scientist of the Year” awards to promote talented researchers.

  • Arranging Memorial/Endowment Lectures to be delivered by established and renowned Scientists in the field.

  • Creating space for analogues Societies worldwide to come together in order to strengthen pan world collaboration and eventually to form a Pan World Society for Biomathematics Research.

  • To promote university-industry research collaboration.

  • To develop strategic partnerships with research, industry and community organizations in its research projects

    Executive Body :

    1. President : Dr. Joydev Chattopadhyay, ISI, Kolkata
    2. Vice President : Dr. Narayan Chandra Majee, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
    3. Vice President : Prof. Peeyush Chanda, IIT, Kanpur
    4. General Secretary : Dr. Nandadulal Bairagi, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
    5. Joint Secretary : Dr. P. D. N. Srinivasu, Andhra Univ., Visakhapatnam
    6. Joint Secretary : Dr. Tapan Kar, Bengal. Engg. & Sci. Univ., Howrah
    7. Treasurer : Dr. Samaresh Pal, Univ. of Kalyani, Kalyani
      Executive Council Members:
    8. Dr. Asish Kumar Sarkar, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
    9. Dr. Gorachand Layek, Burdwan Univ., Burdwan
    10. Dr. Dipak Kumar Kesh, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
    11. Dr. Biplab Chattopadhyay, Barasat Govt. Coll., Kolkata
    12. Dr. Priti kumar Roy, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
    13. Dr. Indranil Mukhopadhyay, ISI, Kolkata
    14. Dr. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, ISI, Kolkata
    15. Dr. Debasis Sarkar, Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata
    16. Dr. Prasanta Chatterjee, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan
    17. Dr. Joydeep Sengupta, North Bengal Univ., Siliguri

    News :

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    Future Interest:

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