Series: B

Year: 1999, Volume: 61, No: 2


Statistics, planning and development Madhu Dandavate 229
Stochastic models of family building: an analytical review and prospective issues K.B. Pathak 237
Nonnegative estimation of variance components: a modification to henderson's anova methodology Ravindra Khattree 261
To pool or not to pool: The multivariate data S.E. Ahmed and Bashir Ullah 266
Selecting good exponential populations compared with a control: a nonparametric empirical bayes approach Shanti S. Gupta and Tachen Liang 289
Empirical Bayes estimation of finite population variances Ferry Butar Butar and P. Lahiri 305
Some series of symmetrical PBIB(2) designs A.D. Das 315
Structural break and unit root in macroeconomic time series: evidence from a developing economy Madhusudan Ghosh 318
A model of FPF with correlated error components: an application to indian agriculture Manoranjan Pal and Atanu Sengupta 337
A statistical model for the design of multiattribute control charts Joel K. Jolayemi 351
Corrigendum 377
Book Reviews 366
Editorial Collaboration 526
Editorial Note 380