SANKHYA, Series A, Vol. 63, Part 2, June 2001
Stochastic Processes        
The interlacing construction for stochastic flows of diffeomorphisms on euclidean spacies  ... David Applebaum and Fuchang Tang ... 139
Reflecting Brownian motion in a lipschitz domain and a conditional gauge theorem  ... S. Ramasubramanian ... 178
Stratonovich type sde's with normal reflection driven by semimartingales  ... Arturo Kohatsu-Higa ... 194
Model Selection and Model Fitting        
Combining model selection procedures for online prediction  ... B. Clarke ... 229
Local influence for the restricted likelihood with applications  ... Hong Gu and Wing K. Fung ... 250
A generalization of the Pearson's \chi2 goodness-of fit test with estimated cell frequencies  ... Jiming Hiang, P. Lahiri and Chien-Hua Wu ... 260
Change Point Problems        
Rate of convergence of the maximum likelihood estimate of a change-point  ... V.K. Jandhyala and S.B. Fotopoulos ... 277