DST Project :

The Center has the scheme of approving research projects for funding from DST. Scientists of different parts of India working or interested in working in the fields of soft computing may send their research proposals (as per DST format) to the Principal Investigator, Center  for Soft Computing Research, Indian Statistical Institute, 203 B. T. Road, Kolkata 700 108 with a forwarding letter from the Head of the Institute. Project proposal will be evaluated at regular intervals of time. The Center will monitor the progress of such projects and may also provide expert supports, if required.

The magnitude of funding could be around Rs. 10 lakhs.


Ongoing DST Projects:
"Soft Computing Techniques to solve Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) Problem in Optimal Networks"
Investigator: Dr. Ashok Kumar Turuk
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NIT, Rourkela.
"ANN-GA and ANFIS Models Development for Flood Forecasting with Multiple Inflows in Break River Network"
Investigator: Dr. Parthasarathi Choudhury
Department of Civil Engineering, NIT, Silchar.
"Fuzzy Techniques for Opinion Mining in a Social Networking Environment"
Investigator: Dr. Pabitra Mitra
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT, Kharagpur.
"Development of ANN and GA Aided Engineered Woven Structures for Improved Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Protection"
Investigator: Dr. Abhijit Majumdar
Department of Textile Technology, IIT, Delhi.
"Beyond Clustering Gene Expression Data"
Investigator: Dr. Dhruba Kr. Bhattacharyya
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Tezpur University.
"Statistical, Structural and Soft Computing based Techniques for Pattern Recognition: Theory, Algorithms and Applications to Bioinformatics"
Investigator: Prof. Sankar K. Pal
Center for Soft Computing Research, ISI, Kolkata.