The Center was established in 2005 by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India under its IRHPA (Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas) scheme. Its features are listed below:

Conducting basic research in pattern recognition, machine learning, image and video analysis, computational theory of perception, granular computing, cognitive vision, thinking machine, data mining, web intelligence, fuzzy sets, rough sets, neural networks, support vector machines, evolutionary algorithms, particle swarm optimization, hybrid techniques etc.,
Demonstrating applications to some focused areas like bioinformatics, video surveillance, remotely sensed image analysis, biometrics, web mining, social network analysis, spatiotemporal data analysis and medical image analysis.
Supervising the work for Ph.D. and Masters degree theses.
Conducting value addition Certificate Courses on Machine Intelligence and Soft Computing for postgraduate degree holders in order to enable them to join IT related research or teaching institutes or industries.
Nurturing and upgrading soft computing community and institutes like NITs, & CDAC in the country by conducting collaborating projects, evaluating project proposals for funding them by DST through the center and monitoring the progress.
Providing fellowships to faculty and scholars from less endowed institutions in the country to work at the center for quality improvement.
Imparting training to researchers/students from industry and academia including R&D labs; providing training to government officials; and offering regular short term advanced courses on upcoming research areas.
Providing a forum of exchanging ideas or establishing a linkage among scientists of leading institutions and   industry working   in similar areas through visits to the center on invitation.
Organzing conferences / workshops / schools by eminent faculty from India and abroad, and
International collaboration with other organizations like CIMPA, France, University of Patermo, Italy; University of Trento, Italy; INSEAD, France and Meiji University, Japan; University of Sao Paolo, Brazil; and other Soft Computing Centers like the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing and European Center for Soft Computing.