List of Ph.D. Thesis at CSCR

Sl. No. Name Thesis Title Year
1  Meenakshi Banerjee                On feature extraction and its application to content-based image retrieval 2008
2 Shubhra Sankar Ray New Computational Methods for Gene Analysis from Microarray Data 2008
3 Haider Banka Soft computing in machine learning and bioinformatics 2008
4 Debashis Sen Soft computing based hybrid techniques for image processing 2011
5 Dinabandhu Bhandari On convergence and stopping criteria of genetic algorithms with elitist model 2012
6 Anindya Halder Ant colony approach for certain tasks of pattern recognition 2013
7 Avatharam Ganivada Fuzzy rough granular neural networks for pattern recognition and mining 2016
8 Debarati Bhunia Chakraborty Rough sets and granular computing in video processing 2017
9 Suman Kundu Granular model for social networks, target set selection and fuzzy-rough community detection 2017
10 Bhaskar Dey On analysis of compressed visual information and its application 2017
11 Aloke Datta Dimensionality reduction in hyperspectral images 2017