Teaching Experience

I have been teaching at the Indian Statistical Institute since 1980 both at undergraduate and graduate level. I have given courses on Real, Complex and Functional Analysis, Measure Theory, Algebra, Point set Topology and Algebraic topology (homology, cohomology, homotopy, Characteristic Classes and K-theory), Optimisation techniques, Automata and Complexity theory, Mathematical Logic and Descriptive set theory.

Current areas of research: Descriptive set theory, Model Theory, Modal Logic and Topology.

  • Indian National Science Academy medal for Young Scientists, 1981.



University of Calcutta

B.Sc. (Hons.), Honours in Mathematics


Indian Statistical Institute



Indian Statistical Institute

Ph.D. (Thesis Title: Studies in the theory of Measurable Multifunctions, Thesis Supervisor: Professor Ashok Maitra)

Current areas of Research

Indian Statistical Institute

Descriptive set theory, Model Theory, Modal Logic and Topology.


1979 - 1980

Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, USA


1980 - 1985

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.


1986 - 1987

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

Senior lecture.

1987 - 1993

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

Associate Professor.

1993 - 2011

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.


2011 Onwards

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

Professor (Higher Academic Grade).

Short Term Academic Visits


North Texas State University, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; University of Illinois, Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, Rutgers University, New Jersey; University of Notre Dame, Indiana.


Universities of Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk.


Univerisity of Paris VI.


Universities of Udine, Milan, L'Aquila, Naples and Roma II.


Tokyo Technical University and Osaka City university, University of Kobe, Research Institute in Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto.


Technical University, Dortmund; University of Munster.

South Africa

Godel Research Centre, University of Vienna, Austria and University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban.


University of Athens.


National University of Singapore.

Conference & Workshop

Organised by me

Workshop and Conference on Descriptive Set Theory and Model Theory, Dec. 27,2012 to January 4, 2013.

Indian Statistical Institute

Instructional School on Logic and Set Theory, February 18 to March 1, 2013.

Kerala School of Mathematics, Kozhikode.

Instructional School on Topology for College and University Teachers, Sept. 30 - Oct. 12, 2012.


AIS in Set Theory, 13 April - 3 May, 2015.

University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

School in Analysis and Topology for college and University Teachers, February 22 - March 4, 2016.

ISI NE Centre, Tezpur.

International Workshop and Conference in Set Theoretic and Topological methods in Model Theory, September 7-12, 2017

Indian Statistical Institute NE centre, Tezpur.

A series of Talk given by me

Conference on Model Theory, University of Illinois.

Chicago, 1979.

Conference on Measure theory.

Oberwolfach, Germany, 1981.

School on set Theory, CIMPA, Nice.

France, 1984.

Workshop on Computability, CISM, Udine.

Italy, 1990.

Several Meetings of Indian School and Conference on Logic and its applications (ISLA and ICLA).

Indian Logic Association.

AMS meeting.

Bangalore, 2006.

Conference on Modal Logic.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012.

Conference on Modal Logic, Dagstuhl.

Germany, 2012.

Satellite Conference in Model Theory, Daejon.

S. Korea, 2014.

Thematic Program on Model Theory, June 2016, at University of Notre Dame.


Joint International Conference of AMS and Indian Mathematics Consortium.

Varanasi, 2016.

Conference in Model Theory, July 2-7, 2017.

Bedlewo, Poland.

Attended International Congress of Mathematicians at:

Madrid, Spain.


Hydrabad, India.


Scout, S.Korea.




A Course on Borel Sets, GTM 180, Springer.


A Course on Mathematical Logic, Second Edition, UTX, Springer.


(with H. Sarbadhikari) A Course on Basic Model Theory, Springer, Singapore.

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