The aim of this programme is to bring together mathematicians and logicians working on/interested in various topics on the border of model theory, topology and set theory. The leading themes are topological dynamics and descriptive set theoretic methods in model theory. Apart from the state of the art lectures by leading experts, two tutorials, each consisting of 3 one-hour talks on the main themes of the meeting, are being planned. The meeting will give opportunity for discussion and collaboration between experts from different but related parts of logic. This may result in the future in discovering new interactions between model theory, topology and set theory.

There is no conference fee. However, all invited speakers and participants must register. Accommodation and food for all participants will be provided by the guest house of Tezpur University. Check in date at the guest house is 6th september, 2017 and check out is 13th september, 2017.

Invited Speakers

  • Tomás Ibarlucía, Paris.
  • Byunghan Kim, Yonsei.
  • Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Münster, Germany.
  • Ludomir Newelski, Wrocław.
  • Nick Ramsey, Berkeley.
  • Tomasz Rzepecki, Wrocław.
  • Slawomir Solecki, Urbana–Champaign.
  • Todor Tsankov, Paris.


Lecturer Title of Talk Abstract Duration
Artem Chernikov Definable topological dynamics, measures and combinatorics Abstract 03:00hrs
Krzysztof Krupinski On topological dynamics in model theory Abstract 05:00hrs
Todor Tsankov Analysis on automorphism groups of countable structures Abstract 03:00hrs

Scientific Committee

S. M. Srivastava, (Kolkata)

Artem Chernikov, (Los Angeles)

Krzysztof Krupiński, (Wrocław)

Sergei Starchenko, (Notre Dame)

H. Sarbadhikari, (Kolkata)

Organising Committe

Patron:             Professor Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Indian Statistical Institute
S. M. Srivastava
Nityanand Sarkar
Goutam Mukherjee
Biju Mathew


State of art lectures

Lecturer Title of Talk Abstract Duration
Nick Ramsey Stationary logic and the local character of Kim-independence Abstract 01:00hrs
Rosario Mennuni Notions of domination between invariant types Abstract 00:30hrs
Tomás Ibarlucía Model theory of strongly ergodic actions Abstract 01:00hrs
Byunghan Kim Relativized Lascar topological groups Abstract 01:00hrs
Ludomir Newelski Countable relative categoricity over a set Abstract 01:00hrs
Tomasz Rzepecki Model-theoretic Galois groups as quotients of Polish groups Abstract 01:00hrs
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska Wazewski dendrites Abstract 01:00hrs
Roman Wencel Topological properties of sets definable in weakly o-minimal structures Abstract 01:00hrs
Slawomir Solecki Projective Fraisse limits and topology Abstract 01:00hrs