We have developed three image databases of handwritten isolated numerals of three different Indian scripts namely Devnagari, Bangla and Oriya at the CVPR Unit of Indian Statistical Institute. Grayscale images of 22556 Devnagari numerals written by 1049 persons, 23392 Bangla numerals numerals written by 1106 persons and 5970 Oriya numerals written by 356 persons form the respective databases. These images were scanned from three different kinds of handwritten documents such as postal mails, job application form and another set of forms specially designed by the collectors for the purpose. The only restriction imposed on the writers is to write each numeral within a rectangular box. These databases are free from the limitations that they are neither developed in laboratory environments nor they are non-uniformly distributed over different classes. Also, for comparison purposes, each database has been properly divided into respective training and test sets.


Ref:- U. Bhattacharya and B. B. Chaudhuri, "Databases for research on recognition of handwritten characters of Indian scripts", In Proc. of the 8th Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR-2005), Seoul, Korea, vol. II, page: 789-793, 2005.



NB: These databases of handwritten numerals of Indian scripts may be obtained free of cost for academic purposes by contacting through proper channel.




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