Database of Handwritten Bangla Vowel Modifiers



In Bangla, often a vowel in conjunction with a consonant or a cluster of consonants form different shapes. A Bangla vowel other than % following a consonant may take a modified shape and these are called vowel modifiers. Modified shapes of 10 vowels (other than %) are respectively

ç, × ,  Ý,   Ç ,  É , Ê , å , é ,  å ç, å ì.


A large database of handwritten Bangla basic characters and a scheme for its recognition has been recently reported (U. Bhattacharya, S. K. Parui, M. Sridhar and F. Kimura, “Two-stage recognition of handwritten Bangla alphanumeric characters using Neural classifiers”, Proc. of IICAI-05, Pune, India, 1357-1376, 2005).


A similar database of Bangla vowel modifiers has also been developed and reported (S. K. Parui, U. Bhattacharya, A. K. Datta and B. Shaw, A Database of Handwritten Bangla Vowel Modifiers and a Scheme for Their Detection and Recognition, Proc. Of  National Workshop on Computer Vision Graphics and Image Processing (WCVGIP-2006), Hyderabad (A.P.), India, 2006, pp. pp. 204-209). A few samples are shown below.



Download a sample set of 100 handwritten Bangla Vowel Modifier








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