ISIFormReader is a model driven form processing system. It provides a graphical interface to select the particular layout from an existing list or to design the same for a new form type. Since this form processing system does not recognize the layout automatically, it has the advantages of less computational load and more accuracy. On the other hand, this approach does not affect the purpose of automation.


The performance of ISIFormReader has been tested on the ISI Form Database. The present database largely consists of application forms of the

admission tests of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. There are 1950 such real-life filled-in form samples. Additionally, this database also consists of 25 samples of application forms for each of Indian Passport, BSNL mobile connection and Union Public Service Commission Examination of India. However, these latter three categories of samples were collected in our laboratory environment.


Results of the above simulation show that ISIFormReader could extract all the data from all of the 75 forms of the latter types collected in our laboratory environment. However, its performance on the real-life forms is significantly poor. Further detailed analysis showed that writer idiosyncratic responses on these real-life forms are the major source of errors and a proper designing of both the data extraction and recognition modules are essential for an improvement of its performance.


A few screenshots of a DEMO VERSION of ISIFormReader are shown below.








































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