Some Useful Sites



This page consists of some useful sites related to my area of research interests.

ISIians (as well as just anybody else) can benefit from this BLN's Launcher    which is designed to save time by loading only the non-trivial portions of some commonly accessed pages. Of course, one can easily modify it according to what he/she thinks is commonly accessed. This BLN's Launcher is distributed under the GPL. Feel free to copy, modify and redistribute it.

Numerical Recipes(Press et al., books and algorithms in C and Fortran)

Pattern Recognition                 :   Pattern Recogition and 4th Edition

Image Processing                     :    Digital Image Processing

Fuzzy Sets                                  :

Rough Sets                                 :  Rough Sets : A TutorialIRSS

Soft Computing                         :

Remote Sensing                         :

Semi-Supervised Clustering  :  Constraint-Clustering,

Semi-Supervised Learning     :   Semi-Supervised Learning Survey and  Xiaojin (Jerry) Zhu,