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Every summer, Indian Statistical Institute offers a dedicated research internship program in Cryptology and Security to senior undergraduate and fresh post-graduate students from premier institutions of the country. Applications for the internship program are sought from eligible students of Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics background.

Application application

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer Internship in Cryptology 2016. The deadline was 15 March 2016. Check again in January - February 2017 for details of the Summer 2017 program.

List of Interns selected for Summer Internship in Cryptology 2016
The list is final. No further queries in this regard will be entertained.

The applicants selected for the Internship have been notified individually, over email. In case you have not received an email from us regarding the second-round qualifier or your selection, you have not been selected for the program this year. No further queries in this regard will be entertained.

To have been considered for the Internship in Summer 2016, in addition to satisfying the eligibility criteria, the applicants had to solve the THREE problems given below. Feel free to attempt these!

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Internship 2016, one MUST have been either of the following, as on 15 March 2016

  • 3rd year student of a 4-year Under-Graduate program
  • 2nd year student of a 3-year Under-Graduate program
  • 1st year student of a 2-year Post-Graduate program
  • 4th year student of a 5-year Integrated/Dual-Degree program

Eligible fields of study : Computer Science (CS/CSE etc.), Electronics (ECE/EE/ETCE/EIE etc.), Information Technology (IT), Mathematics (Math) and Statistics (Stat). In addition, we have considered a small number of outstanding First Year students of Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics.

Problems to Solve

Problem 1 : This CIPHERTEXT has been generated from a plaintext comprising only of English letters, using a popular Classical Cipher. Find the Encryption Key.

Problem 2 : This SEQUENCE has been generated from a 7-bit Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR). Find the Feedback Polynomial of the LFSR.

Problem 3 : An initial COLOR CONFIGURATION is given on a 3 x 3 board. You win the game if you can turn the whole board WHITE. The rules of the game are as follows.

  1. When you select a square, the color of that square switches (from B to W or vice-versa).
  2. In the same move, the colors of the squares at the TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM of the selected square, if available on the board, switch (from B to W or vice-versa) as well.
Find the squares you will select to win the game.


Internship 2016

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Coordinator : Sourav Sen Gupta
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