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Audit Sampling in Health Sector, Government of West Bengal 1998-99
(Project Leader:  Arijit Chaudhuri)
A project was undertaken by the Institute to develop methods of statistical sampling to carry out Internal Audit in the Health Sector as sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, Government of West Bengal. This was started on 1 April, 1999 and completed on 30 April 2000. A 'Report' on this has been prepared and submitted to the sponsors. The project team was composed of T.J. Rao, Palash Sarkar, Subir Mitra, D.K. Chaturvedi, Sm. Kasturi Basu and Arijit Chaudhuri. Most of the office assistance was received from Applied Statistics Unit, Accounts Department, Reprography Unit and the Transport Unit.

Tracer Study of ITI Graduates 
(Project Leader: Bimal Kumar Roy)
This project, funded by the Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India, was conducted by ISI to assess the employability/self-employability of ITI certificate holders.

Development of Statistical Techniques as an Aid to Geological Mapping
(Project Leader: J.K. Ghosh; Coordinator: Tapas Samanta)
This collaborative project was funded by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research. A sampling scheme for allocation of optimum number of observation points to most appropriate locations was developed.

Risk Analysis of a Long-Term Agreement
(Project Coordinators: B.K. Sinha, G.M. Saha, Debasis Sengupta)
Scientists from several units of ISI collaborated with ASU scientists on this inter-disciplinary project funded by the Coal India Limited, to assess the risk on the part of a coal supplier from an agreement with a utility company for the supply of coal. A risk analysis model, called Model for Analysing the Supply of Coal (MASC), and a corresponding software was developed. 

A Comparison of Robust Density-Based Minimum Distance Methods with Traditional Robust Procedures
(Project Leader: Ayanendranath Basu)
This was an ISI-funded project. Several minimum distance methods of inference were constructed, their robustness studied theoretically and algoritms for their efficient computation developed.

Software Development for Cryptanalysis
(Project Leader: Bimal Kumar Roy)
This project, funded by the Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), was taken up by ISI jontly with the Bengal Engineering College. The aim of the project is to develop, implement and evaluate cryptanalysis of LFSR-based encryption schemes.

A Statistical Projection of HIV Incidence in Calcutta
(Project Leader: Ayanendranath Basu)
This is an ISI-funded project. A preliminary projection of HIV incidence in Calcutta has been obtained on the basis of pooled information from various sources. Work on bootstrap confidence intervals as well as sensititvity analysis is in progress.

Small Area Estimation of Population for the Districts of Hugli and Murshidabad
(Project Leader: Parimal Mukhopadhyay)
This ISI-funded survey project has been taken up to estimate certain socio-economic characteristics of households in a few municipal areas of two districts in West Bengal.

Analysis of Incomplete Life Time Data
(Project Leader: Anup Dewanji)
In this ISI-funded project, A nonparametric estimator of cause specific hazard rates in competing risks with missing failure types has been developed. Robust and nonparametric estimators of a number of component processes in a system of superimposed iid renewal processes have also been obtained. Work on other types of incomplete
data is in progress.

Regression Models for Survival Data
(Project Leader: Debasis Sengupta)
This ISI-funded project aims to develop a comprehensive set of diagnostics for the proportional hazards and other regression models for survival data.

Optical Character Recognition of Printed Telugu Script
(Project Leader: C.H. Sastry)
This is an ISI-funded project. Various issues related to segmentation and tilt correction of scanned text images of Telugu script are being studied. 

Telugu Language Processing
(Project Leader: C.H. Sastry)
This ISI-funded project is aimed at studying the statistical characteristics of the written form of the telugu language.

Applications of 2-D Cellular Automata
(Project Leader: Pabitra Palchaudhury)
This ISI-funded project has been undertaken in order to study the mathematical properties of nearest neighborhood 2D CA transformations.