Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, the founder of Indian Statistical Institute , emphasized the need of interdisciplinary research with statistics playing a pivotal role. Honouring his vision, Indian Statistical Institute is going to organize a conference on Contemporary Issues and Applications of Statistics during January 2-4, 2012 (CIAS2012). The goal of the conference is to bring together statisticians and other scientists engaged in inter-disciplinary research involving applications of Statistics from different parts of the world, and provide a platform for them to interact among themselves and to share their thoughts on recent developments in different areas of the subject. Success of the conference will definitely infuse further enthusiasm in statistical activities in India. Interested students, faculty and other researchers are welcome to participate.

An indicative list of topics


Actuarial Statistics

Advances in Design of Experiments

Applications in Finance

Bayesian Computation

Bayesian Statistics



Data Mining, Pattern Recognition

Environmental Statistics

Issues in Inference

Statistical Physics

Statistics in Industry

Statistics in Medicine

Statistics in Government

Contact information


Conveners, CIAS 2012

Bayesian and Interdisciplinary Research Unit

Indian Statistical Institute

203 B T Road, Kolkata 700 108.


E-mail: cias@isical.ac.in