Platinum Jubilee of the Indian Statistical Institute

International Conference on Computing:
Theory and Applications

March 5-7, 2007
Venue: Kolkata



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Track I:

    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klette

    Chair, Information Technology

    The University of Auckland, New Zealand


    Title of the talk: Rubberband algorithms for solving various 2D or 3D shortest path problems

                              (The talk is co-authored by Fajie Li, also from The University of Auckland)

Track II:

    Witold Pedrycz.

    Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

    University of Alberta, Canada.


    Title of the talk: Distributed and Collaborative soft computing: an emerging development environment.

Track III:

    Hiromichi Fujisawa, Research & Development Group,

    Hitachi Ltd., Japan


    Title of the talk: Information Just-in-Time: Going beyond the Myth of Paperlessness.


    Karen Spärck Jones

    Professor of Computers and Information (Emeritus)

    Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.


    Title of the talk: Statistics and retrieval: past and future

Track IV:

    B. F. Buxton,

    Professor, Dean of Engineering Sciences,

    University College London, United Kingdom.


    Title of the talk: Development of an Extension of the Otsu Algorithm for Multidimensional Image Segmentation of Thin-film Blood Slides.