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Schedule for ICONQR08

Day 1: 22 January 2008, Tuesday

22 January 2008, Tuesday



09:00 - 10:00 hrs.


10:00 - 10:30 hrs.



10:30-11:30 hrs.

Key Note Address by

Vijayan N. Nair

Chairperson: C.R.Rao

Process Monitoring, Anomaly Detection and Beyond: New Directions and Applications

 High Tea: 11:30 - 12:00 

Session -I

22 January 2008, Tuesday (12:00 hrs. - 13:30 hrs.)

Plenary Talk-I

Chairperson: Vijayan N. Nair

Recent Research and Challenges in Reliability

Hoang Pham

The Future of Quality

Elart Von Collani

 Lunch 13:30 - 14:45 hrs.

Session- IIA

22 January 2008, Tuesday (14:45 hrs. - 16:15 hrs.)

Characterization of Lifetime Distribution

Organiser: Dilip Roy
Chairperson: Manisha Pal

On Some Properties of the Generalized Total Time on Test Transform

Jaroslaw Bartoszewicz (Invited)

Nonparametric Classes of Lifetime Distributions via Binary Associative Operation
B.L.S. Prakash Rao (Invited)

Characterization and Classification of Bivariate Life Distributions based on Reciprocal Subtangent

Dilip Roy


Session- IIB

22 January 2008, Tuesday (14:45 hrs. - 16:15 hrs.)

Quality Management - I

Organiser: B.Majumdar
Chairperson: B.K.Pal

TPM and Six Sigma - Exploring their Mutually Complementary Role

S. K. Majumdar

Application of Six Sigma Tools for supply Chain Inventory Control - Case Study

P. Raghavulu, Naresh Yamini, K. Ravindranath

ISO 9001 : 2000 with Spirit Does Cover other Standard’s Requirements

Gopinath T, A. K. Chakraborty

A Note on Sigma Level for Attribute Data

B.Majumdar, Ajit Jain

Reduction of Critical Failures in DT Meter Installation - A Case Study

Sayan Bhattacharya, Koushik Das, Rajendra Laha



Session - IIC

22 January 2008, Tuesday (14:45 hrs. - 16:15 hrs.)

Reliability Applications
Chairperson: S.P. Mukherjee

Modern Developments and Applications of Mean Residual Life in Engineering

Frank M. Guess, J. Cody Steele, Timothy M. Young, Ramón V. León (Invited)

Time Variant Reliability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Choride Induced Corrosion of Reinforcement

K. Balaji Rao, M. B. Anoop, T. V. S. R. Appa Rao, N. Lakshman ( Dhiman Basu)

Study on Modeling Failure Types and Failure Times with Given Failure Type for Boring and Turning Machine

Abhijit Ghosh, S. K. Majumdar

Reliability Modeling of Some Critical Machine Systems

R. Tewari, S. K. Majumdar

Reliability Analysis of Steel Frame Structures, Located in Coastal Region of India

Dhiman Basu, K. Balaji Rao

 Tea : 16:15 - 16:30 hrs.

Session- IIIA

22 January 2008, Tuesday ( 16:30 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Reliability Models
Chairperson : Dilip Roy

Reliability Properties of Parallel and Series System for Dependent Components

Felix Belzunce (Invited)

Inlier Prone Models

K. Muralidharan, B.K.Kale

Comparison of Performance of Different Coherent Systems

Soma Roychowdhury, Debasis Bhattacharya

Reliability Model of a System with Major and Minor Repair by Varying Workloads

Kirti Arekar


Session- IIIB

22 January 2008, Tuesday ( 16:30 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Quality Management - II

                                                      Organiser: Sujit Basu

Chairperson : Sujit Basu

Evolution of Information Technology Software and System Quality Assurance

Ray Paul (Invited)

Policy Deployment through X-matrix Leveraging Balance Score card - A Journey towards TQM.

Animesh Kumar Sarkar

Wither, ISO 9000?


A Systematic Approach to Supplier SPC for Quality Improvement - A Case Example


Trends in Quality Management- Historical and Future

Tajjammul Hussain

Implementation of Balanced Business Score Card in an Organisation

A K Chaudhuri


Session - IIIC

22 January 2008, Tuesday ( 16:30 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Quality and Reliability Applications
Chairperson : D.T.Ghosh

Fault Tree Applied to Methyl Ketone (MEK) Based Solvent Extraction Generator (SEG) Design

Chetan Kothalkar

Application of Simulation Techniques for Capacity Modeling

Anurag Seksaria

Reliability-based Design with Limit-state Factor by Stochastic Simulations

Harpreet Singh, J. Ching

Off-On line Pump Dependability Study for Increasing Stability and Effectiveness of Automated Controlled Systems in Offshore Industry

V. Ebrahimipour, A. Azadeh, K. Suzuki

Day 2: 23 January 2008, Wednesday

Session -IV

23 January 2008, Wednesday (09:30 hrs. - 11:00 hrs.)

Plenary Talk-II

Chairperson : Elart Von Collani

Integrated Optimization Modelling in Quality Control, Production Planning, Inventory

Control and Maintenance: Recent Developments and Future Research Directions

M.Abdur Rahim

Some Options for Assembly Quality


 Tea 11:00 - 11:15 hrs 

Session - VA

23 January 2008, Wednesday (11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Reliability Inference - I
Chairperson: Md. Zafar Anis

Applying Novel Mean Residual Life Confidence Intervals

Frank M. Guess, J. Cody Steele, Thimothy M. Young, Ramon V. Leon (Invited)

Likelihood Inference for P(X<Y) in the Weibull Distribution using Record Values

Ayman Baklizi (Invited)

Inference under Progressive Interval Censoring for Discrete Lifetime Model

M. N. Patel, Ketan A. Gajjar

Discriminating Weibull and Log-normal under Type-II Censored Data

Arabin Kumar Dey


Session - VB

23 January 2008, Wednesday ( 11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Data Analysis

                                                 Organiser: Debasis Sengupta

Chairperson : Sukalyan Sengupta

Accurate and Robust Tool Wear Estimation using Current Sensing

P. Bhattacharyya, D. Sengupta, S. Mukhopadhyay

Establishing Process Parameter Levels for Double Sided PCBs

B. Pradhan

Modeling and Prediction of Pressure-Time characteristics of a Solid Rocket Motor with Limited Data

Debasis Sengupta

Warranty Analysis: Early Detection of Potential Problems

A. D. Dharmadhikari, R. L. Karandikar


Session - VC

23 January 2008, Wednesday (11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Sampling Inspection for Product Quality Assurance - I

                                                 Organiser:  R.J. Pandey

Chairperson : Anup Majumder

Price Adjusting Sampling plans by Variables under Double Specification Scheme

Banibrata Roy

Selection of Single Sampling Plan through Trigonometric Ratios

K. K. Suresh, P. R. Divya

Construction and Evaluation of Performance Measures for Bayesian Conditional Repetitive Group Sampling Plan

K. K. Suresh, K. Pradeepa Veerakumari

Designing a Quality Interval Single Sampling Plan


A Metaheuristic Method for Optimizing Inspection Strategies in Serial Multi-Stage Processes

Ali Azadeh , Mohammad Sadegh Sangari

Lunch 13:00 - 14:15 hrs.

Session - VIA

23 January 2008, Wednesday ( 14:15 hrs. - 15:45 hrs.)

Software Reliability Modelling and Analysis- I

                                                 Organiser: - P. K. Kapur

Chairperson : Hoang Pham

A Neuro-fuzzy Approach to Predict Software Defects using Environmental Parameters

A. K. Verma, Anil R., Om Prakash Jain, Srividya A.

An Artificial Neural-network based Approach for Developing a Dynamic Integrated Software Reliability Growth Model

P. K. Kapur, Sunil Kumar Khatri, Kalpana Yadav

Optimal Testing Resource Allocation during Module Testing considering Cost, Testing Effort and Reliability

P. C. Jha, Deepali Gupta, Bo Yang, P. K. Kapur

Metrices based Early Software Reliability Prediction using Fuzzy Logic

K. Saravana Kumar, R. B. Misra


Session - VIB

23 January 2008, Wednesday ( 14:15 hrs. - 15:45 hrs.)

Health Care and Risk Models
Chairperson : Anup Dewanji

A Stochastic Model for Time to Cross Antigenic Diversity Threshold of HIV Infection Under Preventive Strategy

R. Kannan, A. Ganesan

Quality Control in Radiation Treatment Delivery System

Liton Naha Biswas

Ruin Probabilities and the Distribution of the Deficit at Ruin for a Renewal Risk Model.

K. K. Thampi, M. J. Jacob

A conjoint study of health care services in India

Sanjit Roy, U H Acharya


Session - VIC

23 January 2008, Wednesday ( 14:15 hrs. - 15:45 hrs.)

Reliability Inference - II

                                                 Organiser: - S.B.Bagchi

Chairperson : S.B.Bagchi

Reliability of a Stress - strength Model with Power Function Distribution

Sudhansu S. Maiti , Sudhir Murmu

Estimation of Pr (X<Y) when X and Y belong to Different Distribution Families

Manisha Pal

Progressively Censored Reliability Sampling Plan and its Applications

R. Elangovan , G. Arivazagan

Estimation of Mean Life and Reliability for Exponential Life Distribution using Time Censored Sample Data

Samindranath Sengupta, B.K.Sinha, S.B.Bagchi

Estimation of Loss of Information due to Censoring for some Useful Distribution

Asit Baran Aich

Tea : 15:45 - 16:00 hrs.

Session - VIIA

23 January 2008, Wednesday ( 16:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Maintained System
Chairperson : Anis Mukhopadhyay

Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Resources in a Complex System

Martin Newby (Invited)

Stochastic Allocation Problems in Inventory Pooling 

Anand Paul (invited)

Availability of One-unit System Supported by a Spare and Maintained by Imperfect Repair Policy

Atanu Biswas, Jyotirmoy Sarkar

Hierarchical Segmented Point Process Models with Multiple Change Points for Maintained Systems

A. Syamsundar, V.N.A.Naikan

Estimation of Availability for Periodically Inspected Systems

Uttam Bandopadhyay, Atanu Biswas


Session - VIIB

23 January 2008, Wednesday (16:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Sampling Inspection for Product Quality Assurance - II

                                                 Organiser: - R.J. Pandey

Chairperson : R.J.Pandey

Theory and Practice of Sampling Inspection by Attributes - A Short Review

Anup Majumdar

An Empirical Study on the Behaviour of Operating Characteristic Curves of Unknown - Single Sampling Plans using Predictive Distribution

R. Vijayaraghavan,  K. Rajagopal, A. Loganathan

Designing Single Sampling Plans by Variables using Predictive Distribution

A. Loganathan,  R. Vijayaraghavan, K. Rajagopal

Bayesian Single Sampling Plan by Variables for Normal Population when σ is Known

K. Rajagopal, R. Vijayraghavan, A. Loganathan

On the Pt (LTPD) Characteristics of a Continuous Sampling Plan

D.T. Ghosh


Session - VIIC

23 January 2008, Wednesday (16:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.)

Statistics in Industry - I

                                                 Organiser: - A. Dharmadhikari

Chairperson : Sugata Adhikari

Effectiveness of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in TQM

H. G. Raghunath, Chandrasekaran N, Seenivasan K.

Reliability through the Life Cycle: Linking Reliability Arguments to the Design Process

A. Thomas, M. Douglas, Martin Newby

Quality Management Systems at Maruti Engine Manufacturing: Bolt Torque Management

Sanjay Khare

Design Parameter Sensitivity Analysis

S. Shamasundar, K.V. Nagaraj

Validation of an Accelerated Test on a 4-post Road Simulator

Chandrakant M. Awate, Suyog M. Panse, Colin J. Dodds

Six Sigma at Crompton Greaves Ltd.

Umesh V. Baganikar

 Cultural Programme : 19:00 - 20:00 hrs.

Day 3: 24 January 2008, Thursday

Session - VIIIA

24 January 2008, Thursday (09:30 hrs. - 11:00 hrs.)

Application of Bayesian Principles in Reliability

                             Organiser: - Madhuchhanda Bhattacharjee and Fabrizio Ruggeri

Chairperson : Tapas Samanta
Stochastic Modelling of Cylinder Liners Wear in a Marine Diesel Engine

Fabrizio Ruggeri (Invited)

Bayesian Analysis of Hazard Regression Models under Order Restrictions on Covariate Effects and Ageing
Arnab Bhattacharjee, Madhuchhanda Bhattacharjee (Invited)

Some Conditional Inferences on Intensity Parameters in Power Law Process

K. Muralidharan


Session - VIIIB

24 January 2008, Thursday (09:30 hrs. - 11:00 hrs.)

Business Excellence

Organiser: - K.N.Anand

Chairperson : Sujit Kumar Majumdar

Successfully Implementing Six Sigma in R & D

U. C. Jha

Six Sigma - BSC Synergy for Project Selection

S. Anil Kumar

Six Sigma -A Strategic Approach for Business in a Large Company

P. N. Karmokar, A. K. Sarkar

Application of Shainin DOE in Validation of Welding Process

N.Ravichandran, A. J. Jegadheeson, K.Saravanan

Current Trends & Practices in Business Excellence

S. Bhuniya

 Tea  11:00 - 11:15 hrs.

Session - IXA

24 January 2008, Thursday (11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Software Reliability Modelling and Analysis -II

Organiser: - A.K.Chakraborty

Chairperson : Shigeru Yamada

Software Reliability Growth Modeling : State of the Art

P. K. Kapur (Invited)

Discrete Software Reliability Models: Some New Directions

A.K.Chakraborty, Sumana Das

Analysis of Software Model for Multi Types of Errors

B. V. Dhandra, M. R. Huggi

Pareto Distribution - A Software Reliability Growth Model

R. R. L. Kantam, R. Subba Rao

Software Reliability Growth Modelling with Complexity of Program Path-searching

Shinji INOUE, Shigeru Yamada


Session - IXB

24 January 2008, Thursday (11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Control Chart
Chairperson : Arup Ranjan Mukhopadhyay

Control Charts with Variable Sampling Intervals - A Review and Literature Survey

H.N.Dutta, Bipin Gogoi

Some Run Length based Single Attribute Charts for Markovian Production Process


Modified Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart Covering Abrupt Changes

Alpaben K.Patel, Jyoti Divecha, Rajarajan Aiyenger

Economic Design of Shewhart Control Chart with Runs Rule for a Multiple Stream Process: A Discontinuous Model

Saroj K. Patel

Feature-based Approach for Recognition of Control Chart Patterns

Susanta Kumar Gouri, Shankar Chakraborty


Session - IXC

24 January 2008, Thursday (11:15 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Statistics in Industry - II
Chairperson : B. Majumdar

Normal Probability Plot

Sibdas Bandyopadhyay (Invited)

On the Distribution of Burr

Ratan Dasgupta

Application of Statistics to Scientific & Industrial Problems for Quick and Precise

Determination of Short Fiber Percentage in Cotton Textile Industry

Lanjewar U. A.,  Khot  P. G.

Multivariate Process Capability: A New Approach

A.K.Chakraborty, Riddhi Dasgupta

 Lunch 13:00 - 14:15 hrs.

Session - XA

24 January 2008, Thursday (14:15 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.)

Experimental Design
Chairperson : Rahul Mukherjee

The Future of the Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments

Geoff Vining (Invited)

Response Surface Design for Multiple Inputs - Single Output Continuous Time Series Process Optimization.

Jyoti Divecha, Alpa K. Patel, Mayank Bhatt, Rajarajan Aiyenger

Experimental Design Methodology in Textile Manufacturing

Arunangshu Mukhopadhyay

Optimizing Zinc Coating Weight of Fasteners

Arup Ranjan Mukhopadhyay

S/N Ratio or Log?

Pathik Mandal


Session - XB

24 January 2008, Thursday (14:15 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.)

Bayesian Inference in Reliability
Chairperson : Fabrizio Ruggeri

Efficiency of Two Risk Functions of the Parameters and Reliability Function of Rayleigh Distribution

Sanku Dey

Bayesian Estimation of Parameters of Mixed Failure Models from Type-I Group Censored Sample

J. B. Shah

Bayes Estimation of Change Point in Mixture of Left-truncated Exponential and Degenerate Distribution.

Mayuri Pandya, Prabha Yadav

Bayesian Prediction for the Failure Times

Ashis Kumar Chattopadhyay


                                                             Session - XC

24 January 2008, Thursday (14:15 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.)

Six Sigma Project Studies

Organiser: A.K.Chaudhuri
                                   Chairperson : Sadhan Chakravarty

Optimization of UPPCL Power at Lowest Rates

 Arun Mittal

Reduction in Silicon Finish Consumption in Polyester Fibre Fill Production

JPN Pandey and Rajesh Arora

Advanced SPC in Manufacturing:  ‘Must’ for Process Excellence


Optimization of PET Filament Yarn Evenness Using Six Sigma Methodology

K. V. Sukumaran, Ajay Tiwari and Shekhar Iyer

A Six Sigma Black Belt Project in Sutherland Global Services

Sridhar Narayanan and Ibrahim Abdul Rahuman

Six Sigma - Status and Trends in the ITES Industries

K V Rama Mohan

Tea : 16:00 - 16:15 hrs.

Session - XIA

24 January 2008, Thursday (16:15 hrs. - 17:30 hrs.)

Warranty Analysis

                                                 Organiser: - D.K. Manna

Chairperson : Debasis Sengupta

On Warranty with Preventive Maintenance and Phase Type Life

K. Aneesh Kumar & M. Manoharan

Reliability and Warranty Analysis with Use-rate Information


Warranty Cost Estimation from Field Failure Data

Surajit Pal


Session - XIB

24 January 2008, Thursday (16:15 hrs. - 17:30 hrs.)

 Six Sigma Practices & Methodology
Organiser: A.K.Chaudhuri
Chairperson :  Roopa Sethuram

Six Sigma Implementation - A Strategy

Ashok Sarkar

Six Sigma Implementation in Aditya Birla Group

B. N Jha

Why Management schools should have Six Sigma as a subject?

Vaidya Omkarprasad Shivarampant

Organization Sigma Level Prediction Methodology

 Lakshmi R

Six Sigma Initiatives in Sutherland Global Services

Sridhar Narayanan and Ibrahim Abdul Rahuman

Improving the Process of Estimation in Sri Lanka Retail Audits

Ravish Khare

                             Banquet Dinner :  19:30 hrs.

Day 4: 25 January 2008, Friday

Session - XIIA

25 January 2008, Friday (09:30 hrs. - 11:15 hrs.)

Reliability Design and Sampling Plan
Chairperson : Avinash Dharmadhikari

An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Reliable Communication Network Design

S. Veera Kumar, D.  Devraj and V. Vasudevan

Information Fusion on Reliability of Industrial Equipment using Fuzzy-stat Modelling

Edwin Vijay Kumar

Reliability Test Plans for Type-II Exponential Log-Logistic Distribution

G. Srinivasa Rao, R. R. L. Kantam, K. Rosaiah

Construction of Optimum Reliability Test Plans for Coherent Systems with Independent and Non-identical Components

G. Agnihothram, S. V. Sabnis

Reliability Based Design of Conrad bearing

Suraj S. Rane,  A. Srividya, A. K. Verma


Session - XIIB

25 January 2008, Friday (09:30 hrs. - 11:15 hrs.)

Software Reliability Modelling and Analysis -III
Organiser: A.K.Chakraborty
Chairperson : P.K.Kapur
Recent Advances in Software Reliability Assessment based on Empirical Analysis and

Stochastic Modelling Approaches

Shigeru Yamada (Invited)

Queue-Theoretic performance Models for Open/close Software Fault Phenomena

Amrit L. Goel (Invited)

On Inconsistency of Estimators of Parameters of Non-homogeneous Poisson Process Models for Software Reliability

Subrata Kundu

Flexible Discrete SRGM with Two Types of Imperfect Debugging

P.K.Kapur, S.S.Handa, Deepak Kumar, P.C.Jha



Session - XIIC

25 January 2008, Friday (09:30 hrs. - 11:15 hrs.)

Six Sigma and Beyond
Organiser: B.K.Pal
Chairperson : B.K.Pal

Reduction in Change Over Time in the SMT Cell from 190 to 45 Minutes

Ruchi Ajmera, Swapnil Jain

Six Sigma - A Case Study

Sudhir Manglick, Rai Mohan Bhattacharjee

Software Project Estimation as a Value-chain

Gali Krishna Prasad

Application of Statistical Methods in Industry - Enablers and Impediments


Development of a Software for Six Sigma - A DFSS Approach

Amitabha Chattopadhyay

 Tea  11:15 - 11:30 hrs.

Panel Discussion

25 January 2008, Thursday (11:30 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.)

Statistical Thinking: Industrial Perspective
Organiser: Bikas Sinha and Sugata Adhikari
Chairperson : B.K.Sinha

T.S.Arthanari (Invited)

C.R.Rao (Invited)

S.P.Mukherjee (Invited)

Avinash Dharmadhikari (Invited)

J.K. Ghosh (Discussant)



25 January 2008, Friday (13:00 - 13: 30 hrs.)

 Lunch 13:30 - 14:45 hrs.

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