Registration Form [DOC]  [PDF]

Important notes on Registration :

  • Submit separate registration form for each participant

  • Early registration is effective only when filled-in registration form with the appropriate payment is received by the ISAAC'06 Secretariat by November 1, 2006 (September 30, 2006 for authors of accepted papers in order for their papers to be included in the Proceedings).

  • Authors may use extra pages (up to 5 pages) in the proceedings by paying 100 USD (or equvalent INR) per page.
    Please add this amount with your registration fee.

  • Non-Indian participants should provide Passport details (see registration form).

  • Student must include a letter from the Head of the Department/Dean verifying their full-time student status.

  • Participant/authors with current affiliation to Indian Universities/Institutions/ Laboratories only can register in Indian Rupees while authors affiliated to foreign Universities/Institutions/Laboratories should only register in US dollars.

  • Rupee payment must be made through Bank draft in favor of ISAAC 2006, payable at Kolkata.

  • Dollar payment must be made through electronic transfer with the following payment instructions:
    Please remit proceeds by SWIFT MT 103 in the following format to
    American Express Bank Ltd., New York (AEIBUS33), A/C No. 000698977
    for credit of Allahabad Bank Kolkata (ALLAINBBCAL)
    For further credit to A/C No.: 3949, Beneficiary name: ISAAC 2006 at ISI Extension counter, Dunlop Bridge Branch.
    All bank charges must be paid by the delegate (otherwise add 25 USD towards bank charges)

Conference Registration Fees

Early Registration

Late Registration


350 USD

400 USD


200 USD

250 USD

*Indian (Academicians)

3,000 INR

4,000 INR

Indian (non-Academicians)

5,000 INR

6,000 INR

*Indian (Student)

1,000 INR
(without Proceedings)

1,500 INR
(without proceedings)