International Crypto-Webinar, 2020

Schedule: August 26th-30th Platform: Zoom Inauguration: 26th August at 11:00 AM Please Click on this Registration Link


  1. Dr. Mrinal Nandi, Department of Statistics, West Bengal State University

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  2. Dr. Nilanjan Datta, IAI, TCG CREST, Kolkata

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  3. Professor Mridul Nandi (Homepage), Applied Statistics Division, Indian Statistical Institute

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Program Schedule***

Download Abstract of the Talks

Time Speaker Affiliation Email Id Topic
Day 1 (26.08.2020)
Inauguration (11:00-11:30)
Session 1 (Session Chair: Prof. Mridul Nandi)
11:30-12:00 Prof. Rajeeva Karandikar Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute Randomness and its relevance to Cryptology
( Slide )
12:00-12:45 Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy ISI Kolkata Some Recent Issues in Cryptology
12:45-13:30 Prof. Subhamoy Maitra ISI Kolkata Recent Results in Stream Cipher ( Slide )
Session 2 (Session Chair: Dr. Nilanjan Datta)
14:00-15:00 Prof. Mridul Nandi ISI Kolkata Privacy Preserving Contact Tracing Protocols
15:00-16:00 Dr. Avijit Dutta IIT Kharagpur History of Mirror Theory and its Application ( Slide )
Day 2 (27.08.2020)
Session 3 (Session Chair: Dr. Sanghamitra Pal, West Bengal State University)
11:00-12:00 Dr. Mrinal Nandi West Bengal State University Cryptographic Randomised Response Techniques ( Slide )
12:00-13:00 Prof. Avishek Adhikari Presidency University Mathematical Aspects of a Few Secret Sharing Schemes ( Slide )
Session 4 (Session Chair: Dr. Avijit Dutta)
14:00-15:00 Prof. Somitra Kumar Sanadhya IIT Ropar Format Preserving Encryption ( Slide )
15:00-16:00 Dr. Arpita Maitra TCG CREST Kolkata Quantum Supremacy and its to Cryptology ( Slide )
Day 3 (28.08.2020)
Session 5 (Session Chair: Dr. Mrinal Nandi)
15:00-16:00 Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty QuTech Academy,
Delft, Netherlands Cryptography with the Space-Time Constraints
( Slide )
16:00-17:00 Dr. Rishiraj Bhattacharya NISER Bhubaneshwar Post-Snowden Cryptography
17:00-18:00 Dr. Donghoon Chang NIST USA Introduction of Cube-Attacks on MAC and AEAD Schemes ( Slide )
Day 4 (29.08.2020)
Session 6 (Session Chair: Dr. Avik Chakraborti)
11:00-12:00 Dr. Sourav Sengupta NTU SIngapore Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies ( Slide )
12:00-13:00 Dr. Sucheta Chakrabarti DRDO Algebraic Structures and Its Application in Cryptology
( Slide )
Session 7 (Session Chair: Dr. Sumanta Adhya, West Bengal State University)
14:00-15:00 Dr. Indivar Gupta DRDO Public Key Cryptography ( Slide )
15:00-16:00 Dr. Avik Chakraborti ISI Kolkata White Box Cryptography ( Slide )
Day 5 (30.08.2020)
Session 8 (Session Chair: Dr. Sucheta Chakrabarti)
11:00-12:00 Dr. Dhiman Saha IIT Bhilai The Curious Case of Embedding Yoyo within Boomerang
12:00-13:00 Prof. Debdeep Mukhopadhyay IIT Kharagpur Hardware Security ( Slide )
Session 9 (Session Chair: Prof. Avishek Adhikari)
14:00-15:00 Dr. Sikhar Patranabis ETH Zurich, Switzerland Minicrypt Primitives with Algebraic Structures ( Slide )
15:00-16:00 Dr. Nilanjan Datta IAI, TCG CREST Kolkata Lightweight Crypto and Classification of Authenticated Encryption Modes ( Slide )
Vote of Thanks (Dr. Sibnarayan Guria, West Bengal State University)

Inauguration** and Program Schedule*** are subjected to change



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