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Project Basics :

Title: Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions - Bangla

Organization: Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Investigators: Prof. B.B. Chaudhuri, Chief Investigator, CVPRU
  S. K. Parui, CVPRU
  A. Datta, CSSC
  A. K. Datta, CVPRU/ECSU
  M. Mitra, CVPRU
  U. Pal, CVPRU
  S. Palit, CVPRU
  U. Bhattacharya, CVPRU
  U. Garain, CVPRU
  T. Pal, CVPRU
  N. S. Dash, CVPRU
  D. Sengupta, ASU

Nature: Resource Creation, Research, Development, Deployment and Training

Aim and Scope: To establish a Resource Centre for Eastern Indian Languages, particularly in case of Bangla. One aim of this Resource Centre is to offer technological solutions of real life problems that would enable people to enhance their quality of life using information technology through Indian languages. The other aim is to develop and make available various types of resources for interdisciplinary research on Indian languages.

Duration: 36 months

Total Budget: Rs.137.15 Lakhs

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