Workshop on Blockchain Technologies

  29 November — 1 December, 2017
  Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


Venue : NAB-1 Seminar Hall, Ground Floor, Kolmogorov Building
Slides from the Workshop are available at this link

Jointly organized by R C Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security and Microsoft Research Labs, India

About the Workshop

Blockchain is a verifiable distributed ledger that can be used for a variety of applications like financial transactions, smart properties, credential management, internet-of-things, supply chain management and even decentralizied autonomous organizations (DAO). The popularity of Bitcoin has resulted in the creation of alternate cryptocurrencies based on blockchain, and now, smart contract on blockchain is believed to be a disruptive technology. There is clearly a huge buzz about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and smart contracts in the technical community, and governments and industries have also shown great interest in developing and deploying this technology.

The workshop brought together researchers and practitioners in this domain to discuss the current state of affairs in blockchain technology, underlying theoretical foundations, and potential applications. The workshop discussed and analyzed current cryptographic protocols underlying blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and proposed new ways to design secure, robust, scalable blockchain solutions. The workshop featured keynote talks and panel discussions on recent trends and research directions in Blockchain Technology.


Organizers : Prof. Bimal Roy, R C Bose Centre and Dr. Satya Lokam, Microsoft Research India

Schedule and Slides

  29 November — 1 December, 2017
  Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

29 November Speaker Title of the Talk
10:00 — 10:25 Bimal Roy, Satya Lokam   Introduction and Welcome Address
10:30 — 11:30 Sourav Sen Gupta   Tutorial on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
11:50 — 13:10 Saravanan Vijayakumaran   A deep dive into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Scripts
14:15 — 15:10 Kouichi Sakurai   Bitcoin, Blockchain, FinTech, IoT, AI and your Future
15:30 — 16:30 Sandeep Shukla   Blockchain Solutions to e-Governance Problems
30 November Speaker Title of the Talk
10:00 — 10:50 Kouichi Sakurai   Cryptography with Blockchain
11:00 — 11:55 Aniket Kate   Blockchain Privacy : Challenges and Solutions
12:15 — 13:10 Sushmita Ruj   Enabling Data Storage, Sharing and Trading
14:15 — 15:10 Bart Preneel   Bitcoin : Publish or Perish
15:30 — 17:30 The Participants   Brainstorming the Blockchain for "The Idea"
1 December Speaker Title of the Talk
10:00 — 10:50 Srinath Setty   VOLT project: Trustworthy Distributed Ledgers
11:00 — 11:55 Bart Preneel   Blockchain : Analyzing BU Mining Protocol
  Do you need a Blockchain?
12:15 — 13:10 Praveen Jayachandran   Making Blockchain Real for Business
14:30 — 15:30 Panel Discussion   Future of Blockchain in India


The deadline for registration/application was 31 October 2017.

Registration was generally open for PhD students, faculty members, and industry professionals who are already exploring this technology. Basic knowledge about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain was desirable. Based on the applications, a limited number of participants were provided with travel funds (AC Tier II train fare) and accommodation, where preference was given to PhD students and young faculty members, with no other means of financial support. There was no registration fee, but a customary registration was mandatory.

Academically mature and exceptionally motivated MTech students of Computer Science and allied disciplines, especially those in their final year and those working on Bitcoin/Blockchain, could also attend the workshop, with due note of recommendation from their academic supervisors and/or professors.


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