Nachiketa Chattopadhyay
Associate Professor and Head, Sampling and Official Statistics Unit
Measurement Economics
Diganta Mukherjee
Associate Professor
I am interested in Welfare Economics, in particular measurement of Poverty and Deprivation on which I wrote my PhD thesis. My principal collaborators being Satya R. Chakravarty, Ravi Kanbur and Zakir Husain. My students Saswati Das and Angan Sengupta worked in areas related to Child work and Health economics respectively.
I am also interested in mathematical models for pricing financial contracts and empirical validation thereof. My students Sudip Chandra and Suranjana Joarder are active in this area. Other collaborators being Mrinal K. Ghosh, Gopal K. Basak and Indranil Sengupta.
Analysis of Social Networks particularly fascinates me and I have been working with students, collaborators (Surajit Borkotokey) and post-docs (Anirban Ghatak, Loyimee Gogoi) in this area for some time now. See our website.
Other research interests include application of statistics in Census evaluation (my student Kiranmoy Chatterjee wrote his thesis in this area) and qualitative surveys (ex post doc Sunil Kumar and student Ankita Dey are working in the area of Latent class analysis and Abhijit Sarkar in the area of market viability of heavy trucks).
I would be happy to mentor students at various levels (PhD, year long projects or internships) in any of the above topics.
Sandip Mitra
Associate Professor
Empirical Economics : Development and Policy Analysis,Large Scale Survey,Field Experiments
Kajal Dihidar
Assistant Professor
Survey Sampling, Randomized Response
Shibdas Bandyopadhyay
Visiting Professor (Hon)
Applied Statistics, Survey Design
Asit Baran Chakraborty
Visiting Scientist
Financial and Banking Statistics, Official Statistics, Econometric Modelling
Aloke Kar
Visiting Scientist (Hon)
Sample Survey : Sampling Design, Imputations and Estimation
Prabir Chaudhury
Visiting Scientist (Hon)
NSS data analytics
Biman Dey Sarkar
Section Officer (Accounts)
Snigdha Chatterjee
Office Assistant 'C'
Lachman Bahadur Magranti
Office Assistant 'B'
Ramdulal Bera
Attendant (Record) 'B'
Kartick Chandra Ghosh
Helper 'C'
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