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Past Events

From 29-01-2018 To 02-02-2018

ATM Workshop on Analytic Number Theory   
From 26-12-2017 To 30-12-2017

Lectures on Probability and Stochastic Processes XII   
From 15-12-2017 To 19-12-2017

Set Theoretic & Topological Methods in Model Theory   
From 07-09-2017 To 12-09-2017

AIS on h-principle   
From 22-05-2017 To 01-06-2017

ATM Workshop on Algebraic Structures on Manifolds (Final Schedule)   
From 13-12-2016 To 22-12-2016

Discussion meetings on Polynomial Rings, Projective Modules and related topics   
From 07-11-2016 To 09-11-2016

ISI-Tezpur University School on Analysis and Topology   
From 22-02-2016 To 04-03-2016

Discussion meeting in Harmonic Analysis   
From 27-12-2015 To 29-12-2015

ATM workshop on topology   
From 14-12-2015 To 21-12-2015

Semigroup C* algebras and E-0 semigroups   
From 23-11-2015 To 27-11-2015

Noncommutative Geometry II   
From 26-10-2015 To 31-10-2015

International Workshop on Logic and Computability   
From 16-09-2015 To 17-09-2015

Operator theory and Complex Geometry   
From 07-09-2015 To 11-09-2015

Noncommutative Geometry I   
From 10-08-2015 To 21-08-2015

Operads in algebra and topology   
From 07-07-2015 To 12-07-2015

Quantum Groups and Approximation Properties   
From 28-04-2015 To 04-05-2015

Workshop on Lie Groupoids and Lie Algebroids   
From 10-12-2012 To 21-12-2012

Kervaire Invariant-I and its solution   
From 14-05-2012 To 26-05-2012

Workshop on Topology and Geometry of Foliations   
From 24-11-2008 To 06-12-2008

Lectures on Probability and Stochastic Processes III   
From 20-11-2008 To 24-11-2008

Joint NUS-ISI Workshop on Recent Advances in Statistics and Probability at IMS, NUS   
From 18-11-2008 To 19-11-2008