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D.K. Chaturvedi & T.P. Tripathi, Estimation of Population ratio based on Complex Designs and Multivariate  Information, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/1, Jan. '98.

Ashish SenGupta & Arnab Kr. Laha, Some Contributions to the Outlier Problems for Directional Data, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/2,  Jan. '98.

Bimal K. Roy, Ciphertext only Cryptanalysis of LFSR based encryption schemes, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/3, April '98.

Palash Sarkar, Efficient implementation of Ciphertext only attack on LFSR  based  encryption schemes, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/4, April '98. 

Palash Sarkar, A brief history of Cellular Automata, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/5,  April '98.

Amita Pal, Bayesian Object Recognition by Jump-Diffusion Sampling, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/6, June '98.

Amita Pal, Bayesian Restoration of Blood Cell Images, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/7, June '98.

Subhomoy Moitra, Palash Sarkar & Bimal K. Roy, A new definition of correlation  immunity of boolean functions, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/8, June '98.

Subhomoy Moitra & Aditya Bagchi, Dynamic Restructing of classification hierarchy towards data mining, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/9, June '98.

Papri Chattopadhyay, P. Palchoudhury, Kajal Dihidar & Arup Roychoudhury, Characterization of a group of transformation of two dimensional cellular automata  Tech. Report No. ASD/98/10, June '98.
Subhomoy Moitra & Palash Sarkar, On construction and enumeration of correlation immune functions,  Tech. Report No. ASD/98/11, Aug. '98.

Subhomoy Moitra & Palash Sarkar, Generalized construction methods for cryptographically significant boolean functions, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/12, Sept. '98.

A.Dewanji & Atanu Biswas, An optimal design for simple illness death model, Tech. Report No. ASD/98/13, Dec. '98.

Subir K.Bhandari, Ayanendra Nath Basu & Goutam Mukherjee, On a Gaussian Correlation Inequality for Symmetric Sets, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/1, Feb. '99.

Subhomoy Moitra & Palash Sarkar, Highly Nonlinear Resilient Functions Optimizing Siegenthaler's Inequality, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/2, March '99.

Palash Sarkar & Subhomoy Moitra, Cryptographic Properties of Symmetric Boolean Functions, Tech. report No. ASD/99/3, March '99.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Arun K. Adhikari, Variance Estimation in a Specific Three Stage Survey Sampling Strategy, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/4, March '99.

Soumen Maiti & Bimal K. Roy, Construction of Some Optimal Repeated Measurements Designs, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/5, March '99.

Rana Barua & Palash Sarkar, A linear algebraic characterisation of correlation immune boolean functions, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/6, March '99.

Palash Sarkar, A Hamming weight characterisation of correlation immunity, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/7, March '99.

Subhomoy Moitra & Palash Sarkar, Hamming weights of correlation immune boolean functions, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/8, April '99.

Uttam Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, Non parametric two sample problem based on adaptive allocation using Wilcoxon Mann Whitney scores, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/9, April '99.

Atanu Biswas, Optimal choice of design parameter, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/10, April '99.

Sarbani Palit & Bimal K. Roy, Cryptanalysis of LFSR-encrypted codes with unknown combining function, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/11, May '99.

Arijit Chaudhuri  & Sanghamitra Pal, Small Area Estimation by Preliminary  tests of hypotheses, Tech. eport No. ASD/99/12, May '99.

Palash Sarkar & Subhomoy Moitra, Construction of highly non-linear optimised resilent functions, Tech. report No. ASD/99/13, May '99.

Subhomoy Moitra & Palash Sarkar, Reconfigurable pipelined architecture for cryptograhically useful large  boolean functions, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/14, May '99.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, On a version of cluster sampling and its practical use, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/15, June '99.

Tathagata Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, Nonparametric Analysis of Two-Way   Nested Design With Mixed  Effect Model, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/16, June '99.

Atanu Biswas & Jyotirmoy Sarkar, Availability of a system maintained through several imperfect repairs before a replacement or a perfect repair, Tech. Report No. ASD/99//17, June '99.

Anup Dewanji, A test of homogeneity across groups using poisson count data with arbitrary means, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/18, June '99.

S.Basu, A.Basu, P.P. Majumder,  J.K. Ghosh, A. Agrawal & S. Pal, At the turn of the new millennium: Impact of social parameters on HIV prevalence in Calcutta and strategies to control outbreak of an epidemic, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/19, July '99.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, Estimating total multiple and partial correlation coefficients for small domains from sample surveys by preliminary testing, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/20, Aug. '99.

Shibdas Bandyopadhyay & Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, Classification with Incmplete Feature, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/21, Aug. '99.

Mausumi Bose & Bharamar Mukherjee, Optimal crossover designs under nonadditive random subject-effect model with higher order carry over effects, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/22, Aug. '99.

Uttam Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, An alternative one sided test of Normal mean, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/23, Aug. '99.

Kalyan Das & Atanu Biswas, Analysis of truncated bivariate ordinal data: a Bayesian outlook, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/24, Sep. '99.

Soumen Maiti, Tridib K. Datta & Bimal K. Roy, Construction and efficiency of some repeated measurements designs, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/25, Sep. '99.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Arun K. Adhikary & Sankar Dihidar, Mean square error estimation in multi-stage sampling, Tech. Report No. ASD/99/26, Sep. '99.

Anup Dewanji & Tummla S. Rao, On systems Reliability under Stress-Strength modeling,Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/27, Oct 01,1999.

Mausumi Bose & Subir Bhandari, Multinimial subset selection using inverse sampling and its efficiency with respect to fixed sampling, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/28, Oct 15,1999.

Atanu Biswas & Anup Dewanji, On optimal examination times in simple Illness-death model,Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/29, Oct 22,1999.

Palash Sarkar & Subhamoy Maitra, Construction of Nonlinear resilient Boolean functions,Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/30, Nov 05,1999.

Palash Sarkar& Subhamoy Maitra, Highly non-linear balanced Boolean functions with important cryptographic properties, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/31, Nov 05,1999.

Atanu Biswas & Ayanendra Basu, Robust adaptive designs in clinica;l trails for continuous responses,Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/32, Nov 08,1999.

Debasis Sengupta & Abybhuday Mondal, The analysis of fatal Accidents in Indian coal mines,Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/33, Dec 06, 1999.

Uttam Bandyapadhyay & Atanu Biswas, An alternative both sided test of normal mean for costly trials, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/34, Dec 07 ,1999.

Atanu Biswas, Kalyan Das, R.klein & B. Klien, A Byesian analysis of bivariate ordinal data: Wisconsin Epidemiologic study of diabetic retinopathy revised, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/35 ,Dec 07, 1999.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Towards a Unified of randomized respone surveys for Dichotomons Finite population, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/36,Dec 14, 1999.

Uttam Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, Forcing imbalance in sequential allocation with prognostic factors, Tech. Report No. ASD/1999/37,Dec 30, 1999.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Using randomized response from a complex survey to estimate a sensitive proportion in a dichotomons finite population, Tech Report No. ASD/2000/1, Jan 03, 2000.

Anup Dewanji & Lue Ping Zhao, An optimal estimating equation with unspecified variances, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/2, Jan 25, 2000.

Mausumi Bose & Aloke Dey, Some small and efficient cross-over designs under a nonadditive model. Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/3, Feb 02, 2000.

Palash Sarkar & Subhamoy Maitra, New directions in design of Resilient Boolean Functions. Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/4, Feb 09, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, On the efficacy of the PPS circular systematic sampling, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/5, Feb 23, 2000.

Kalyan Das & Atanu Biswas, Dirichlet Process Mixed Model for Bivariate ordered categorical data with application to the Wisconsin epidemiologic study of Diabetic Retinopathy, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/6, Feb 23, 2000.

Atanu Biswas & Jyotirmoy Sarkar, Avialability of an One-unit system supported by a spare and maintained by an imperfect repair policy, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/7, Feb 28, 2000.

Atanu Biswas & Probal Chaudhuri, An efficient design for model discrimination and parameter estimation in linear models, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/8, Mar 14, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Estimating Sensitive properties from randomized responses in unequal probability sampling, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/9, Mar 28, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Estimating Sensitive properties from randomized responses in unequal probability samples using randomized responses, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/10, Mar 30,2000.

Atanu Biswas, Jyotirmoy Sarkar & Sahadeb Sarkar, Availability of a periodically inspected system maintained under an imperfect repair policy, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/11, Apr 17, 2000.

Uttam Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, Test of Bernoulli success probability in inverse sampling for nearer alternatives using adaptive allocation, Tech Report No. ASD/2000/12, Apr 17, 2000.

Shibdas Bandyopadhyay & Atanu Biswas, Interval Estimation of P( X > Y) with Bivariate Noraml samples, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/13, May 02, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Snigdha Chakraborty, On the accuracies of estimated Correlation and regression co-efficients from a complex survey, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/14, May 04, 2000.

Anup Dewanji & Gurudeb Banerjee, On the best puja award in Calcutta, Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/15, May 10, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, Bootstrap versus its competitors in survey sampling with varying probabilities: a numerical experience with the Generalized Regression Predictor for a population total,Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/16, May 30, 2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, A method to overcome a  limitation in Rao and Wu's bootstrap procedure in complex surveys.Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/17, July  2000.

Sanghamitra Pal, Estimating  a finite Population proportion bearing a stigmatizing characteristic by indirect questioning from unequal probability samples.Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/18, July  2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Network and adaptive sampling with unequal probabilities. Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/19, August  2000.

M. C. Jones, Nils Lid Hjort, Ian R. Harris & Ayanendranath Basu, A comparison of  related density-based minimum divergence estimators. Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/20, October  2000.

Chanseok Park, Ayanendranath Basu & Bruce G. Lindsay, The residual adjustment function and weighted likelihood: a graphical  interpretation of robustness of minimum disparity estimators.Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/21, October  2000.

Arijit Chaudhuri & Sanghamitra Pal, On certain alternative mean square error estimators in complex survey sampling. Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/ 22, October 2000.

Chanseok Park & Ayanendranath Basu, Minimum disparity inference based on trigonometic disparites.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/ 23, December 2000.

Chanseok Park & Ayanendranath Basu, Minimum disparity estimation: asymptotic normality and breakdown point results.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/ 24, December 2000.

Subhadip Bandyopadhyay & Shibdas Bandyopadhyay, Exact  density of W classification statistic based on unmatched training sample from correlated population.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2000/ 25, December 2000.

J K Ghosh & Tapas Samanta, Model selection - an overview.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/ 1, January 2001.

Uttam Bandyopadhyay, Radhakanta Das & Atanu Biswas, Fixed width confidence interval of P(X < Y) in partial sequential sampling scheme. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/ 2, January 2001.

Chanseok Park, Ayanendranath Basu & Ian R. Harris, Tests of Hypotheses in Multiple Samples based on Penalized Disparities.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/3, February 2001.

Ashish Sengupta & Arnab Laha, Change points problems for the circular normal distribution in the presence of nuisance parameters. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/4, 

Ashish Sengupta & Arnab Laha, On change Point problems for skewed circular distributions.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/5, 

Ayanendranath Basu, Surajit Ray, Chanseok Park & Srabashi Basu, Improved Power in Multinomial Goodness-of-fit Tests. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/6, March 2001.

Subhadip Bandyopadhyay & Shibdas Bandyopadhyay, Asymptotic Expansion of Distribution of Linear Discriminant Function W Based On Unmatched Training Sample from Correlated Population.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/7, May 2001.

Debasis Sengupta, Probal Chaudhuri, Anup Dewanji & Bimal K. Roy, A Post-Mortem Analysis of Opinion and Exit Polls in West Bengal in May 2001. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/8, June 2001.

Anup Dewanji, Partha P. Mohanto, Krishna S. Ganguly, Tapas Samanta & Bikas K. Sinha, Analysis of Adjustment Period Data for a Therapeutic Treatment. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/9, July 2001.

Anup Dewanji & Debasish Sengupta, Estimation of Competing Risks with General Missing Pattern in Failure Types. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/10, September 2001.

Subir Kumar & Mausumi Bose, Some Results on Permanental Inequalities. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/11, October 2001.

Atanu Biswas, On Construction of Correlated Ordinal Categorical Random Variables, Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/12, October 2001.

Atanu Biswas & Anup Dewanji, An Adaptive Clinical Trial With Repeated Monitoring for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/13, December 2001.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose & J. K. Ghosh, An Application of Adaptive Sampling to Estimate Highly Localised Population Segments. Tech. Report No. ASD/2001/14, December 2001.

Amita Pal, Swati Choudhury, Narayan Chandra Deb & Maya Dey, Some Pattern Recognition Issues in Acoustic Sounding.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2002/1, February 2002.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose & J. K. Ghosh, Improved Estimation of Small Domain Size Through Borrowing of Strength by Model Assistance. Tech. Report No. ASD/2002/2, August 2002.

Subhadip Bandyopadhyay & Shibdas Bandyopadhyay, Classification with Unbalanced Follow-up Sample. Tech. Report No. ASD/2002/3, September 2002.

Srabashi Basu, Ayanendranath Basu & M. C. Jones, Robust and Efficient Parametric Estimation for Censored Survival Data.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2003/1, May 2003.

Soumen Maity & Subhamoy Maitra, Minimum Distance Between Bent and 1-Resilient Boolean Functions. Tech. Report No. ASD/2003/2, May 2003.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose & Kajal Dihidar, Sample-size-restrictive Adaptive Sampling: An Application in Estimating Localized Elements. Tech. Report No. ASD/2003/3, June 2003.

Avishek Adhikari & Mausumi Bose, A New Visual Cryptographic Scheme using Latin Squares. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/1, January 2004. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/1, January 2004. 

Arijit Chaudhuri & Uppala Srinivas, On sub-sampling by Rao-Hartley-Cochran (RHC) scheme from an initial RHC sample to save resources in estimating a survey population total and the variance of the estimator of the total. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/2, February 2004. 

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose & Kajal Dihidar, A Comparison of Horvitz & Thompson's Estimator and Rao, Hartley & Cochran (RHC)'s Estimator Based on Samples by RHC's Scheme. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/3, April 2004. 

Mausumi Bose & Dewesh Kumar, New Visual Cryptography Scheme Using PBIBD. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/4, July 2004. 

Sira Allende, Carlos N. Bouza & Daniel C. Chen, Approximate Solutions of Stochastic Linear Programs with Estimated Objective Function: an Application of Re-sampling Methods. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/5, August 2004. 

Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Ayanendranath Basu & Subhadip Bandyopadhyay, A Natural Goodness-of-fit test for the Exponential Growth Curve Model. Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/6, September 2004. 

Debasis Sengupta & Debashis Pal, Some tests for log-concavity of life distributions.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/7, October 2004. 

Arijit Chaudhuri, Amitava Saha & Chandranath Pal, On application of Mirror-Match bootstrap to practical surveys.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2004/8, November 2004. 

Sourav Mukhopadhyay& Palash Sarkar, Nearly Orthogonal Rainbow Tables. Tech. Reprt No.  ASD/2004/9, November 2004. 

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, Pairing Based Protocols: From Description to Implementation.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/1, January 2005. 

Sourav Mukhopadhyay & Palash Sarkar, Unified Analysis of Time/Memory/Data Trade-off Attacks.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/2, February 2005. 

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, Pairing Computation Algorithm over Characteristic Three Curves having Embedding Degree Two. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/3, March 2005. 

Pabitra Pal Choudhury, Efficient Modelling of some Fundamental Image Transformations.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/4, 13 May 2005. 

Mausumi Bose & Sunanda Bagchi, Crossover design allowing for premature stopping. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005, 27 May 2005. 

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, Pairing Based Protocols: From Description to Implementation.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/1/A, (Corrigendum) 16 June 2005. 

Sourav Mukhopadhyay & Palash Sarkar, Application of LFSRs in Time/Memory Trade-off Cryptanalysis.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/6, 24 June 2005. 

Sourav Mukhopadhyay & Palash Sarkar, TMTO with multiple Data: Analysis and new single table trade-offs.  Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/7, 24 June 2005. 

Prabir Bhattacharjee, Debasis Sengupta, Siddartha Mukhopadhyay & Asit B. Chattopadhyay, On-line tool condition monitoring in face milling using the current and the power signals. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/8, 24 October 2005. 

Roma Choudhury Sahu, Kasturi Basu & Shibdas Bandyopadhyay, Small Area Estimation using GIS. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/9, 11 November 2005. 

Biswabrata Pradhan, Anup Dewanji & Debasis Senguta, Parametric Modelling and Analysis of Quality Adjusted Lifetime(QAL) in Simple Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/10, 7 December 2005. 

Avishek Adhikari, Mausumi Bose, Dewesh Kumar &  Bimal Roy, Applications of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs in Developing (2, n) Visual Cryptographic Schemes. Tech. Report No. ASD/2005/11, 10 December 2005. 

Sourav Mukhopadhyay & Palash Sarkar, On the effectiveness of TMTO and Exhaustive Search Attacks. Tech. Report No.ASD/2006/1, 2 March 2006.

Sourav Mukhopadhyay & Palash Sarkar, New Hardware Architecture for Generic Inversion of One-Way Function.  Tech.Report No. ASD/2006/2, 24 March 2006.

Mausumi Bose & Sunanda Bagchi, Optimal Crossover Designs Under Premature Stopping. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/3, 4 April 2006.

Mausumi Bose & Sunanda Bagchi, Optimal Main Effect  Plans in Blocks of Small Size. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/4, 4 April 2006.

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, HIBE with Short Public Parameters Secure in the Full Model without Random Oracle. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/6, 24 July 2006.

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, New Constructions of Constant Size Ciphertext HIBE  without Random Oracle. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/7, 24 July 2006.

Sanjit Chatterjee & Palash Sarkar, Augmented Selective-ID Security Model and Constant Size Ciphertext HIBE. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/8, 24 July 2006.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose and Kajal Dihidar, Rao-Hartley-Cochran Sampling with Competitive Estimators. Tech. Report No. ASD/2006/9, 11 December 2006.

Atanu Biswas and Apratim Guha, Time series analysis of categorical data using auto-mutual information. Tech. Report No. ASD/2007/1, 8 March 2007.

Atanu Biswas, Gopal K. Basak and Stanislav Volkov, An urn model and the odds ratio-based design for clinical trials. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2007/2, 3 April 2007.

Soumitra Kumar Sanadhya and Palash Sarkar, On the Security of MD4. Tech. Report No.ASD/2007/3,18 May 2007.

Soumitra Kumar Sanadhya and Palash Sarkar, New Local Collisions for the SHA-2 Hash Family. Tech. Report No.ASD/2007/4,18 May 2007.

Sushmita Ruj and Bimal Roy, Traitor Tracing Schemes to Identify All Traitors Using Combinatorial Designs.Tech. Report No.ASD/2007/5, 27 September 2007.

Bishwabrata Pradhan and Anup Dewanji, Parametric Estimation of Quality Adjusted Lifetime(QAL) Distribution in Progressive Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2007/6, 15 November 2007.

Sushmita Ruj and Bimal Roy, Key Predistribution Using Combinatorial Designs for Grid-group Deployment Scheme In Wireless Sensor Networks. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/1, 2 April 2008.

Sushmita Ruj and Bimal Roy, Efficient Key Establishment Algorithms For Camtepe-Yener Scheme of Key Predistribution Using Combinatorial Designs. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/2, 2 April 2008.

Abhijit Mandal, Ayanendranath Basu and Leandro Pardo, Minimum Hellinger Distance Inference and The Empty Cell Penalty: Asymptotic Results. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/3, 22 April 2008.

A.Basu, A.Mandal and L.Pardo, Hypothesis Testing for two Discrete Populations based on the Hellinger Distance. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/4, 11 July 2008.

Subhamoy Maitra and Santanu Sarkar, A New Class of Weak Encryption Exponents in RSA.Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/5, 11 July 2008. 

Santanu Sarkar, Subhamoy Maitra and Sumanta Sarkar, RSA Cryptanalysis with Increased Bounds on the Secret Exponent using Less Lattice Dimension. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/6, 11 July 2008.

Biswabrata Pradhan and Anup Dewanji, On Induced Dependent Censoring for Quality Adjusted Lifetime (QAL) Data in Simple Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/7, 25 August 2008.

Kajal Dihidar, On Combining Direct and Randomized Responses. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/8, 25 October 2008.

Kajal Dihidar, On Shrinkage Estimation Procedure Combining Direct and Randomized Responses in Unrelated Question Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2008/9, 22 December 2008.

Biswabrata Pradhan, Anup Dewanji and  Alok Goswami, Nonparametric Estimation of Quality Adjusted Lifetime (QAL) Distribution in A Simple Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/1, 20 April 2009.

Arijit Chaudhuri, Mausumi Bose and Kajal Dihidar, Estimation of a Sensitive Proportion by Warner's, Kuk's and Christofides' Randomized Response Techniques through Inverse Sampling. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/2, 15 May 2009.

Rita Karmakar, Anjali Ghosh and Anup Dewanji, On Some Determinants for Distributive Justice in Childern: A Study based on Three States of India.Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/3, 15 May 2009.

Biswabrata Pradhan and Anup Dewanji, Nonparametric Estimator for the Survival Function of  Quality Adjusted Lifetime (QAL) in a Three-State Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/4, 16 June 2009.

Biswabrata Pradhan and Anup Dewanji, Semi-parametric Analysis of Quality Adjusted Lifetime (QAL) Data in Semi-Markov Illness-Death Model. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/5, 29 July 2009.

Anup Dewanji, Debasis Sengupta and Ashis Kumar Chakraborty, A Discrete Time Model for Software Reliability with Application to a Flight Control Software.Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/6, 12 October 2009.

Sk. Sarif Hassan, Pabitra Pal Choudhury, Amita Pal, R.L.Brahmachary and Arunava Goswami, Designing Exons for Human Olfactory Receptor Gene Subfamilies Using a Mathematical Paradigm.Tech. Report  No. ASD/2009/7, 1 November 2009.

Radhendushka Srivastava and  Debasis Sengupta, Asymptotic Distribution of a Consistent Cross- spectrum Estimator Based on Uniformly Spaced Samples of a Non-bandlimited Process. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2010/1, 4 June 2010.

Palash Ghosh and Anup Dewanji, Analysis of Spontaneous Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Reports Using Supplementary Information. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2010/2, 8 September 2010.

Mausumi Bose, Alok Dey and Rahul Mukerjee, Key Predistribution Schemes for Distributed Sensor Networks via Block Designs. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2010/3, 10 November 2010.

Palash Sarkar and Subhabrata Samajder, Cryptanalysis of  KIST. Tech. Report  No. ASD/2010/4, 21 December 2010.

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