The current version of CROHME is being organized along with ICFHR 2014. Look at the Call for Participation.

Data and Tools

All data and tools provided here are freely available only for research purpose without any commercial use.

Description of Training and Test Data

Training and test data will be given in XML (more specifically in InkML) format. Separate grammar will be provided to understand the structure of the XML data. Click here to know more about the data file format.

The CROHME package provides training and test data from the competitions CROHME 2011, 2012 and 2013. Furthermore, thanks to the participants' authorization, we are allowed to distribute the results files from the majority of the submitted systems in 2012. Here is the description of all data directories:

For CROHME 2014, the competition datasets will also include:


The CROHME organizers provide tools for math expression selection, running tests, evaluation and visualization. Please consult the corresponding README files to see specific requirements for each library. These libraries are often updated, so please refer to Document and Pattern Recognition Lab (DPRL) Software page to download the lastest versions. Specially, the tools will soon be updated to deal with nested structured expressions like matrices.

All data and tools are provided under a Creative Commons license for academic and research purposes, but not for commercial use.