Abstract Submission Starts 24 July 2014

Please submit your abstracts electronically only through the ICORS2015 online management system (the Microsoft Research CMT). We regret our inability to accept submissions made by e-mail.

Abstract submission and registration for the conference are two different steps.

Abstract submission may be done before or after registering for the conference.

An abstract can be revised any time before abstract submission closes (20 October, 2014).

Abstract submission requires uploading a pdf file of your abstract. Please use the following Latex template: Submission must be prepared according to this template.

Page limit: The abstract should be between 250 and 500 words (excluding references) when prepared according to the template.

File size: Files larger than 2 Mb are not preferred. For any uploading problem, please contact us.

All authors should be properly included in the CMT with appropriate email addresses. Author name, email, affiliation cannot be changed.

Students MUST ensure that that they have proper authorization or permission from competent authority for submission.


Visit the Microsoft Research CMT for abstract submission after initial registration (sign-up) if needed.

If you are a new user, then Sign Up by clicking on the button in that site. Follow steps by clicking 'Next' from bottom-right...

Follow the steps and 'Finish' the sign up!

Then 'Log-in' for paper submission. Click 'Create a new paper submission' to submit your paper.

Follow and fill appropriately and finally 'Browse'. Use only PDF format, 'Upload' and submit!

Follow the same procedure to submit another abstract with the same user ID.