List of hotels

Participants/Guests can contact the hotels in lists a) and b) below directly. For list a) hotels, please ask for the special rates for ICORS participants as given below.

a) Hotels with special rates (with free breakfast and Wi-Fi)

If you stay in any of these hotels, or The Hyatt Regency or the ITC Sonar (the first two hotels in list b)), we will be able to offer pick-ups in the morning and drop-offs in the evening to and from the conference venue.

b) Five star hotels in Kolkata

c) Local accommodation (5 min walking distance from ISI, but NO Wi-Fi!)

  • National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) Guest House:

        - Single room Rs. 1500 per night
        - Double room Rs. 2000 per night
The rate is for the room only. The Guest House has a kitchen providing meals at reasonable rates. The rooms are not luxury rooms like hotels but are adequate.

If you want to book accommodation at the NSSO Guest House or have any other accommodation related queries, please contact Dr. Nilotpal Sanyal at