As a graduate student, I taught for 4 semesters as a solo instructor for 2 undergraduate courses at Penn State University. At Temple University, I taught the follwing courses:
1. Statisitcal Concepts (UG level)
2. Mathematical Statistics (MS level)
3. Statistical Genetics (Ph.D level).

At Presidency University, I taught the following courses:
1. Multivariate Analsyis (MS level)
2. Measure Theory (MS level)
3. Statistical Genetics (MS level)
4. Sampling Distributions (UG level)

At ISI, Kolkata, I have taught the following courses so far:
1. Statistical Methods in Genetics 1 (MS level)
2. Regression Techniques (MS level)
3. Computer Intensive Statistical Methods (MS level)
4. Statistical Computing (MS level)
5. Bayesian Econometrics (MS level)