Mridul Nandi
Applied Staistics Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute
203 B. T. Road
Kolkata 700124
Phone: +91 33 2575-2815 (office)
email(1): mridul at isical dot ac dot in
email(2): mridul dot nandi at gmail dot com

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Applied Statistics Unit at Indian Statistical Institute.

My Research interest includes
1. e-voting and other cryptographic protocols,
2. Analyzing SHA3 candidates.
3. Leakage-resilient  cryptography,
4. Indifferentiability or PRO of hash functions,
5. Improving PRF-bounds of MAC
6. Hardware implementation  etc. 

  I have organized Hash workshop on SHA3 finalists. For more details please visit here .

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 SHA-3 Zoo
I would like to thank all my coauthors.

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