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Marks distribution: Assignments - 50%;   Lab Tests - 50%;   Course Projects - BONUS.
There will be no Mid-Sem or End-Sem examination for this course.

All classes will be held virtually on Zoom. Please note the change in venue from previous years.

Lectures lectures

Day Date Topic Note Ref
0 5 Oct 2021 Technical Introduction Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
(B3), (B16)
1 7 Oct 2021 Programming in C – Warmup Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
2 21 Oct 2021 Review of C – Operators, Expressions, Control Flow, Basic Input/output Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
3 26 Oct 2021 Recap Video [MP4]
4 28 Oct 2021 Review of C – Arrays, Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Structures Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
5 2 Nov 2021 Recap Video [MP4]
6 9 Nov 2021 Review of C – More Input/Output, Preprocessor Directives, File Handling, Header Files, Multi-file Programs Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
7 11 Nov 2021 Problem Solving Skills Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
(B1), (B2)
8 16 Nov 2021 Functions and Recursion Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
9 18 Nov 2021 Stacks, Queues and Linked Lists Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
10 23 Nov 2021 Recap Video [MP4]
11 25 Nov 2021 Binary Trees Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
12 14 Dec 2021 Heaps Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
13 21 Dec 2021 Sorting Techniques Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
14 23 Dec 2021 Searching Techniques Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
15 28 Dec 2021 Binary Search Trees Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4] common.h, bst.h, bst-alt.h
(B1), (B14)
16 30 Dec 2021 Balanced Search Trees Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4] avl-alt.h
17 4 Jan 2022 Hashing Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
18 6 Jan 2022 Tries Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
19 11 Jan 2022 Programming Style, Efficient Programming, Code Optimization Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
(B20), (B21)
20 13 Jan 2022 Debugging tools: GDB, Valgrind Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
21 18 Jan 2022 Recap Video [MP4]
22 20 Jan 2022 Computing with Python Slides [PDF]
Video [MP4]
(B22), (B23)

Course Plan lectures

No dues

Assignments assignments

No. Deadline Test cases Solutions
Assignment 1 07:00am, 15 Nov 2021
Assignment 2 07:00am, 15 Dec 2021
Assignment 3 07:00am, 15 Jan 2022

Lab Teststests

Test Date Questions Solution
1 9 Dec 2021 Question paper
2 20 Jan 2022 Question paper
3 19 Feb 2022 Question paper

Course Projects assignments

No. Deadline Resources
Project 1 31 Jan 2022 Chandrasekaran et al., 2020
(Published version,   arXiv version)

Other Resources resources

Data Structure Visualizations from USFCA



  • Assignment 3 uploaded.
  • Assignment 2 uploaded.
  • Assignment 1 uploaded.
  • Course project has been uploaded.


Teaching Assistants

  • Santlal Prajapati (SP)
  • Chandranan Dhar (CD)
  • Kushal Bose (KB)

Study Material

  1. The C Programming Language
    B. W. Kernighan and D. M. Ritchie
    Prentice Hall, India
  2. How to Solve it by Computer
    R. G. Dromey
    Pearson Education
  3. The Unix Programming Environment
    B. W. Kernighan and R. Pike
    Prentice Hall, India
  4. Introduction to Algorithms
    T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest and C. Stein
    MIT Press
  5. Fundamentals of Data Structures
    E. Horowitz and S. Sahni
    Universities Press
  6. Data Structures and Algorithms
    Alfred V. Aho, John E. Hopcroft and Jeffrey D. Ullman
  7. Data Structure Techniques
    T. A. Standish
    Addison Wesley
  8. The C++ Programming Language
    Bjarne Stroustrup
    Addison Wesley
  9. C++ - The Complete Reference
    Herbert Schildt
    McGraw Hill Education (India)
  10. Object-Oriented Programming in C++
    Robert Lafore
  11. Programming Languages Design and Implementation
    T. W. Pratt and M. V. Zelkowitz
  12. Fundamentals of Data Structures in C
    E. Horowitz, S. Sahni and S. Anderson-Freed
    Silicon Press
  13. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++
    Mark A. Weiss
  14. Algorithms
    Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
    Addison-Wesley Professional
  15. The Practice of Programming
    Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike
    Addison-Wesley Professional
  16. Programming Pearls
    Jon Bentley
  17. The Linux Command Line  
    William Shotts
    No Starch Press
  18. The GNU Make Manual  
    R. M. Stallman, R. McGrath and P. D. Smith
    Free Software Foundation
  19. Randomized Algorithms
    Rajeev Motwani and Prabhakar Raghavan
    Cambridge University Press
  20. The Elements of Programming Style
    B. W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger
  21. Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets
    Peter van der Linden
    SunSoft Press
  22. Learning Python
    Mark Lutz
  23. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
    Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia and Michael H. Goldwasser

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