To attract the best researchers to the faculty, and to nurture potentially strong candidates for doctoral and post-doctoral positions, the Centre provides state-of-the-art working conditions for collaboration among its residents, excellent scientific leadership to determine the planned activities, and strong administrative support to facilitate the academic activities of the Centre.

To have significant impact in this field of research, the Centre plans to acquire an eminent body of permanent faculty members, as well as hosts a continuous flux of esteemed visitors and students. It interacts with the Government of India, academia and industries to spread its horizon and also hosts researchers from allied fields of study like Mathematics and Computer Science.


Tenured (permanent) and contractual (temporary) appointments will be available. The latter appointments are for three years, analogous to a tenure-track position, and are suitable for recent PhD graduates. A regular faculty will have an average teaching load of one course per year.

The permanent appointments will be regular faculty positions of Indian Statistical Institute, and the candidates will be selected based on their scientific expertise, creativity, breadth of knowledge in the relevant field, and ability to communicate ideas. Prospective candidates selected for recruitment at the permanent positions will be appointed through the existing practices in place at the Institute and the positions will be funded according to the rules of the Institute.

If interested, please visit:

Visiting Researcher

The Centre can host external scientists as Visiting Researchers. It will provide the visitors with funding and access to its facilities to enable innovative collaborative research. The goal is to attract the best minds in the field to participate as Visiting Researchers.

We are actively seeking visiting researchers. If you are interested in such a position, please contact the Head of the Centre or any faculty member in your research area of interest.

Post Doctoral Researcher

The Centre aims to identify and develop young researchers of great talent into independent investigators. It offers post-doctoral Fellowships to brilliant young candidates who have received or are about to receive the doctoral degree. The fellows will interact with multiple research groups and play an important role in initiating collaborative projects at the boundaries of research areas and disciplines.

The post-doctoral positions (typically one or two years) are mentored by individual faculty members. Please contact the faculty member(s) of interest with any questions about upcoming positions. We also encourage strong post-doctoral candidates to apply for the 3-year contractual Lecturer-cum-postdoctoral position.

Academic Positions

  • Tenured Faculty (permanent)
  • Visiting Researcher
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher

If interested for Visiting Researcher and Post-Doctoral Researcher position, please contact the Head of the Centre or faculty member(s) with matching interests.